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Woody Allen is not a technophile. He is known for his lack of computer and complete absence of interest in technology in general. Somehow, he was recently persuaded to record collections of essays that he wrote and published between 1971 and 2007. He says that it was a moment of weakness…

Getting Even

A collection of seventeen essays on a variety of topics. The sample is hilarious, a discussion of laundry lists. He also touches on sandwiches, death, obesity, and rabbis in this recording. His reading is appealing and wry.

Without Feathers

A sixteen story collection – includes stories of his nightmares, oral surgery, and Mensa. Allen delivers each punch line with his trademark style. Essays include “The Whore of Mensa”, “Fabulous Tales & Mythical Beasts”, and “No Kaddish for Weinstein”.

Mere Anarchy

Woody AllenEighteen stories about sex, food, crime, and Hollywood. Allen’s perspective is so distinctive that it would be impossible to imagine anyone else reading his work. Good thing he narrates it himself!

Side Effects

The last collection, are a compilation of seventeen New Yorker essays. Allen delivers each with his sardonic wit, including “Confessions of a Burglar” and “Remembering Needleman”.

Separately or As a Collection

The entire set may be purchased separately or as a collection. Some stories are offered as individual downloads and “My Apology” from Side Effects is now offered for free from both iTunes and Audible. Allen recently spoke to the New York Times about the recording process. I found it interesting that he doesn’t feel like all stories work equally well when being read aloud. He was not fond of the narration process either, calling it “monstrously hard” and exhausting.

love him or hate him

I don’t know about you, but it seems like people either love him or hate him. I did an impromptu poll on Twitter and found that most were not thrilled with his filmmaking and were relatively unfamiliar with his writing. Of course, I’m being followed on Twitter by a bunch of people who are trying to sell stuff, a couple of dogs, and a smurf, so it might not be a very good sample. Anyway, I’m not sure readers are jumping up and down with excitement over Woody Allen’s audio books.

Regardless, iTunes, Audible, and many news outlets are excited about this, so maybe we should all go download the free story to see what we think. Meet me on the forum after you listen to weigh in.

iPad Update

I know I promised an iPad update this week, but my husband broke his hand and my time has been limited. I will work on it over the weekend… as long as nobody gets hurt or sick.

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