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I am a technology junkie. As a novice, I am self-taught, so my knowledge is all based on my experience. I have tried books in multiple formats: eBooks, print, audiobooks… and now the Vook.

These multimedia books may be used on a computer or iPod. But are they really that different from other formats? And is there any value to investing them?

Crush It! is a book that promises to help readers create a personal brand and to increase business success. Gary Vaynerchuk promotes the use of social media to reach the most people and has multiple pieces of advice for growing businesses.

Vook Crush It

Vook Crush It

The Vook spin is the insertion of various videos within the text that are supposed to highlight the points made in the book. Clips are of presentations from the author, interviews with other successful entrepreneurs, and other testimonials.

I watched the Vook of Crush It! on my laptop. The presentation, with the text on one side and the video on the other was clean and easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, the video was very choppy.

I wanted to try to view the Vook on my iPod, but those Vooks acquired from the site cannot be transferred to the iPod – those must be purchased directly from iTunes. This is definitely inconvenient.

Vook Interface 

There has been a lot of attention for Crush It! as a motivational book. I believe that there is a ton of great information presented there, but I was not particularly impressed with the Vook edition. The information in the text could be accessed via audiobook just as effectively.

The videos simply did not seem to offer enough extra information to justify sitting through the choppy videos. And the bleeped out vulgarities were distracting… and unnecessary. Sorry, Gary, but swearing doesn’t make me feel like I’m watching a professional.

I do think the Vook could find a place in our world. I’m sure that “how to” books would benefit from having video demonstrations in addition to text. Even novels (I have read part of the Embassy Vook on my iPod) can be enhanced. The trick will be to find material that is enhanced by the videos. For me, Crush It! wasn’t one. The text was interesting and informative… so if you want to read Crush It! – go for the audiobook.

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