How to Listen to Audiobooks on your Kindle Keyboard

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You can listen to audiobooks in your kindle in a number of different ways.

After signing into your m-sign account, you will be able to see your entire library of digital books and audio books. Go to ‘Menu’ and ‘Archived items’ to see your entire downloaded library.

It is also possible to get your audible titles through your audible account online. After logging into ‘’, click on ‘my library’ to access the titles that you purchased, browse your selections or send the titles to your kindle. You may also listen to the website.

To find your library, click on your library items, select ‘manager kindle’ then select ‘audible audiobooks on the left. You can search for a particular item browse your selections and then send a title directly to your kindle.

Once you have found an audio book you want to listen to, select it. The player screen automatically displays controls for play, pause, fast forward and rewind. It also provides information and shows your progress. You can purchase additional titles by entering the kindle store and selecting audible audiobooks.

To search by category, use the search bar. After you select the title, be sure to click ‘audio additions’ to ensure you get the audible audio version. The last way to find the perfect audible audiobook is to go online to

You can browse and discover new titles as well as the most popular items. To purchase, just select items to go into the cart, review your cart, place your order and then you are done. Your purchase goes directly to your kindle.

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