How to Listen to Audible Audiobooks on your Blackberry

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To listen to audio books on your blackberry device, you first need to turn the dial of your blackberry up.

Once you have signed into the hub, all your purchase audio books are displayed in my library section.

My library provides options of going into my subscriptions, download manager and your local audio books. You can ‘sort your books’ however makes more sense to you, by ‘purchase date or ‘title’.

To stream or download an audio book title, click on the green arrow next to each title. That opens the player screen where you can control audio playback, with features like play, pause or stop. You can purchase more audiobooks by clicking on the ‘wireless store option’ from the menu button.

You can also get to the store by typing ‘’ in your blackberry browser. If you ever have a question, you can navigate to the help screen through the ‘menu’ key. The help screen provides customer service information, links to our audible FAQ and links to audible for blackberry up on the screen.

You can go to sign out once you are done. That is it! Now you know how to turn your blackberry into an audiobook listening machine.

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