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To listen to audio books on your iPhone, you first need to download the ‘Audible’ for iPhone App.

Once you have signed into the App, all of your purchased audio books are displayed in the ‘My Library’ section where you can sort them by ‘Recent’, ‘Title’, ‘Author’ or ‘Length’.

To listen to one, simply tap on the title and download it to your device.

You can start listening right away while it is downloading. Once you select the title, the player screen displays controls ‘Replaying’, ‘pausing’, ‘Going back 30 seconds’ and ‘Creating bookmarks’. When you drag up the tab, it also enables you to ‘Fast forward’, ‘Rewind’, ‘Skip chapters’ and ‘Adjust volume’.

You can use the Bookmarks Icon in the lower right to read the bookmark or make a personal note anywhere in the audio book. Use the tab scrollbar to navigate to any part in the audio book by dragging the bar back or forward. Tap the icon on the upper right to get information on bookmarks, book details or chapters. Explore any of these by tapping the bottom menu.

On the top of the player, you find even more player options. You can change narration speed or entering free mode to enable all player commands with just a swipe or enter sleep mode to stop the performance registering time and even let people know what you are listening to through Facebook, Twitter or Email.

As a bonus, the App use is a fun way to gauge your upholstery. On the bottom menu in my library, tap ‘My stats’, to reveal your current rank. Swipe left to see your menu purchase and ensure to keep that on locked if you want to brag to your friends. Swipe left to see your daily, monthly or total listening stats. Swipe left again to see the total number of audible titles. To view the latest specials, features and titles from audio book, tap ‘News’, on the bottom menu. If you want more details, you can tap on the title.

To personalize the App, tap ‘Settings’. Here you can learn about the App, change your settings for auto lock, download format and back button behavior. Lastly, you can give a speed back or avoid bugs by tapping ‘Help and Support’

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