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This is the start of a long weekend for those of us in the US. As we celebrate Independence Day with picnics and fireworks, some of us will also be using the time to catch up on reading audio books, eBooks, or traditional print books. I’ve been surfing the web, looking for some fun things to engage us over the holiday weekend. This is what I found…

A Quiz!

Today I ran across a fun little quiz to help decide what to read next on Oprah’s web site. Simply answer a few multiple choice questions, and the site makes a suggestion. I am usually dubious of Oprah’s choices and was wondering what my suggestion would be. Surprisingly, it offered up The Passage, which is on my list to read soon. Not bad… Go give it a try and then come to the forum and let me know if your answer seemed to align with your interests.

Thriller Audio Books Oprah Summer Reading List

Oprah has also compiled a Reading List

The 2010 Summer Reading List is a mix of classics, literary fiction, historical fiction, and more. As usual, there appears to be a large number of books that would need the reader to have antidepressants on hand if they planned to read more than one of them. She also has provided a list of 5 Thrillers that are fun to read, so at least there’s something for those of us who don’t want to get sand in our tears…

Love Thrillers!

Speaking of thrillers, you may have noticed that I am a thriller junkie. It’s my guilty pleasure. While I do enjoy literary fiction, I am addicted to suspense/thrillers. I love trying to figure out the convoluted plots. If you enjoy this type of book, Audible has compiled a list of The Most Riveting Thrillers for you to check out. The list includes novels from Jeffrey Deaver, Lee Child, David Baldacci, John Grisham, and more. There are spy thrillers, crime novels, and forensics…  I’m in heaven.

Barnes and Noble have an awesome offer!

It’s only going on for a limited time. Free American Classic eBook downloads from, Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass to The Essential Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe, readers can enjoy these amazing classics for free. You don’t have to have an eReader to enjoy them. The BN app for iPod works just fine, or read it right on your computer…

Thriller Audio Books Free American Classic eBook downloads

One more fun tool!

This will help you decide what to read next? Simply enter a title or author that you enjoy (or an ISBN number if you are so inclined) and the site will make suggestions. For example, I entered Jeffrey Deaver, having just finished his latest, The Burning Wire. The site yielded a list of his books, from which I chose the Rhyme series. From there, it generated a long list of authors and books. Some I had heard of and some are new to me. I’m thinking it might come in useful…

Party Time!

That’s it for me! Getting ready to celebrate my son’s graduation AND Independence Day… It’s going to be a party weekend! Have a great one!

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