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The Barnes & Noble nook eBook reader with audiobook capabilities has exceeded all sales expectations. The Sony Daily Edition reader is also subject to delivery delays because of high demand. The Amazon Kindle is still in stock.

The nook, sold for $259 USD, seems a bargain with countless features. It has so much that the Kindle does not… Well, I’ve already covered that. If you didn’t preorder, it seems that you are out of luck for a holiday gift.

The Sony Daily Edition, geared toward magazine and newspaper readers, has a 7 inch screen and wireless connectivity. The Daily Edition price tag is a hefty $399 USD. It features touch screen navigation and supports PDF, Word, BBeB, MP3, and AAC files. This implies that audiobooks may be read with the device. A stylus is included for freehand note-taking and highlighting.

Amazon Kindle E-Book Reader Big View


Amazon’s Kindle, the eBook reader that really put these devices in the spotlight, is still available for purchase and is in stock at While the Kindle does not have the hi-tech features, color screen, or expansibility of the nook, it continues to be offered for the same price as the nook. In my mind, it is time to cut the cost to drive sales.

I am still waiting to try a nook in stores. It is supposed to be available for customers to try out, but last time I went to my local B&N, it wasn’t in yet. I like the idea of trying it out, and since they won’t be available until January anyway, I’m not in a big hurry.

If you were considering purchasing one of these fun gadgets for someone, B&N will give you a Holiday certificate announcing the gift. The certificate will arrive by Christmas Eve.

The nook still looks the most appealing to me. It seems like they polled Kindle users for the things they wish the Kindle had and then incorporated them into the nook. Again, I have not been able to road test the nook, but based on the cost and comparison to the other models, it seems as though it would be worth the wait.

When I finally have an opportunity to test drive a nook, I’ll let you know what I think. And maybe I’ll add it to my Christmas Wish List.

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