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I am cautiously circling the Cool-er eBook Reader from Interead. The price tag is kinder to the budget than the Kindle and the SD slot allows mp3 audiobooks to be played. Will the Cool-er catch on?

Books and More Books

I always have a book with me. Whether a written word novel or an audiobook, I am never without some kind of literature.

You never know when you will be caught waiting impatiently for your child to finish an activity or an unexpected delay leaves you with nothing to do! To be honest, I have two books in my car… just in case. It’s a security blanket. If I have extra time, I want to fill it with books. I’ve been lusting after a Kindle, but the price tag has kept it out of reach. The Kindle DX that plays audiobooks is nearly $500!

The Cool-er eBook Reader

The Cool-er eBook Reader

What’s the Diff?

Previously, I discussed the Kindle’s features. The 6” regular Kindle holds 1500 books and has no audiobook feature. The 9.7” Kindle DX holds 3500 books and supports mp3 audiobook files.

The Cool-er, currently out of stock in all 8 colors, holds 1000 eBooks and has an SD slot that can support a 4GB card for mp3 audiobook files. The 6” screen is comparable to the size of the original Kindle.

The Kindle DX is offered for $489. The Cool-er is a surprising $249. Sure, the screen size is different, but what about performance? It seems that navigation is tough on the Cool-er.

The click wheel, sorry – D-pad – and multiple colors have more than a passing resemblance to the iPod. Unfortunately, reviewers have found that the controls and interface are not particularly user friendly. The screen boasts eight shades of ink for bright, clear text and the refresh of each page turn is quite fast.

An Edge

What may give Cool-er an advantage is the announcement that they are packing a Google API for public domain titles from the Google Books index? This means that Cool-er users will have a direct line to over one million free books.

Will this pairing with Google give Cool-er an advantage over Kindle? At present, I’m reserving judgment. I expect there will be upgrades and revisions for both units on the horizon. I will be watching, waiting, and resisting for a little while longer…

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