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Dorothy Distefano

Dorothy Distefano

Dorothy Distefano
Reading and writing are my passions.I read a lot of paper books as well as listen to audiobooks utilizing playaways from the local library.

I listen to most of my audiobooks on my iPod.I read about one book every week and am rarely seen without one in hand.

I was given a new Kindle for my birthday by my husband, I’m loving it. I am still figuring out all of the tricks…I love the fact that I can take my favorite books with me now where ever I go without the burden of carrying a bunch of books.

I still like to read traditional books because I love the look and feel of good old fashioned books.

Dixie Iverson

Dixie Iverson

Dixie Iverson
Audio books are an important part of my life, I live in an isolated rural area and take long car trips on a regular basis.

For years, my travels have been enhanced by the ability to listen to a good book. When my children were young, the whole family enjoyed cassette tapes of stories like “White Fang” and “A Christmas Carol.”

Now that we are empty nesters, and the proud owners of a new MP3 player (a gift from a son who knows us well), and a Kindle electronic book reader.

My husband and I still enjoy dramas, but have added nonfiction works by a variety of authors to our collection of audio and ebooks.

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Colin and Elaine

Colin Wilson
Retired Graphic design / photography company owner, a big “classics” reader (Verne, Conan-Doyle, Rice Burroughs etc), will give anything a go though.

Audio Books have been part of my life since the late 70’s, have written poetry and short stories mainly for relaxation.

Music plays a fairly big part in my life, have been keyboard player for a few bands and recorded/engineered backing tracks for other bands in the past.

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