In 2008, Vook was founded by Bradley Inman and it was completely unique. Using a blend of media to accentuate the text in a book was unheard of prior to that point. Since then, vooks have gained momentum and sales, offering reader’s fiction and nonfiction options that are enhanced in ways with which traditional print books and audiobooks cannot [...]

Are there any companies out there that aren’t creating eBook readers? This week Acer, known for lower-priced computer options, has announced their LumiRead device for eBooks and audiobook eBook titles. Features: The LumiRead will have both WiFi and 3G for downloading content. Acer has agreements with Barnes & Noble, Founder Group, and for worldwide eBook [...]

Google will be launching its eBook store within the next two months. With Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the new Apple iBookstore, will Google be able to compete? Will audiobooks be a consideration? The Kindle, Nook, and iPad eBooks can be downloaded directly to a device. Books purchased through Google Editions will need web delivery and device upload and [...]

You can’t seem to escape iPad news on the Internet. They’re everywhere! Reviews, videos of features, and even videos of iPads being smashed! Apple sold 300,000 iPads on the first day! iBookstore App I’ve entered several contests and still haven’t won one, of course. I would truly love to try one out… especially with the iBookstore app, [...]

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