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We’re coming up on the eBook and paperback release of 100 Stories for Haiti. I’ll keep you posted. I’m still hoping that an audiobook version will produced soon. Free Preview: James Patterson’s successful YA series, Maximum Ride, has a new installment with Fang. iTunes is offering the audio of Fang: Book One as a free [...]

SStruggles Over eBooks Continue amazon and Macmillan seem to be coming to a grudging agreement after last week’s standoff. I think everyone was surprised to see Amazon use its muscle to pull all Macmillan content from their store… and cave in to Macmillan’s demands. The Authors Guild is still pursuing their lawsuit against Google for the use of scanned [...]

Apple’s iPad dominated the news last week. It was impossible to avoid the reviews that were all over the Internet, mostly by people who hadn’t even laid hands on the device. It is incredibly difficult to offer a real review without firsthand experience with a product. Hopefully, when the iPad actually becomes available, firsthand reviews [...]

I am a technology junkie. As a novice, I am self-taught, so my knowledge is all based on my experience. I have tried books in multiple formats: eBooks, print, audiobooks… and now the Vook. These multimedia books may be used on a computer or iPod. But are they really that different from other formats? And is [...]

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