eBook Readers

Are there any companies out there that aren’t creating eBook readers? This week Acer, known for lower-priced computer options, has announced their LumiRead device for eBooks and audiobook eBook titles. Features: The LumiRead will have both WiFi and 3G for downloading content. Acer has agreements with Barnes & Noble, Founder Group, and Libri.de for worldwide eBook [...]

Apple’s iPad dominated the news last week. It was impossible to avoid the reviews that were all over the Internet, mostly by people who hadn’t even laid hands on the device. It is incredibly difficult to offer a real review without firsthand experience with a product. Hopefully, when the iPad actually becomes available, firsthand reviews [...]

Barnes and Noble eBook Readers

Barnes and Noble has partnered with Plastic Logic to create an eBook reader for spring release. Will it rival Amazon’s Kindle even as it hits worldwide distribution? And will either platform begin to include audiobooks as a standard feature? Like its competitors, BN’s reader will be about the size of a trade paperback. It will [...]

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