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Stephen Fry has been a household name for over thirty years. He was born in Hampstead, London in 1957 and has an older brother and a younger sister, although he was born in London he was raised in Norfolk.

He managed to get himself expelled from two secondary schools and nearly missed the opportunity to study at Cambridge. Fortunately, for him he gained a scholarship to Queens College Cambridge; he achieved an upper second class degree and more importantly, met his future collaborator Hugh Laurie.

Stephen Fry’s Life

The Actor

In 1982 Stephen Fry starred in “The Cellar Tapes”; this was a replication of the 1981 Cambridge Footlights Revue: as written by Fry, Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson and Tony Slattery. The team were immediately hired by Granada and produced one season of “There’s Nothing to Worry About” followed by two seasons of “Alfresco.” These were the shows that established Fry and Laurie as a comedy duo and would ensure they remained a household name for many years to come.

Stephen Fry Closeup Portrait
Perhaps his most famous acting roles were performed in the late eighties and early nineties; “A bit of Fry and Laurie” ran for four series while “Jeeves & Wooster” ran for three years. Blackadder was also filmed during this period, and Fry had a role to play in series two, three and “Blackadder Goes Forth”.

.”He has also starred in a myriad of different film roles over the years”

Alongside his more famous acting roles Fry has starred in several dramas; the majority of which are adaptations of books by the BBC. The most famous of these is probably the Borrowers which was shown on British TV in 2011. More recently he has been busy with guest roles in the American drama “Bones” and has been filming for the most recent series of “24: Live Another Day”.

He has also starred in a myriad of different film roles over the years and earned a Golden Globe nomination in the category of Best Actor – Drama for his portrayal of Oscar Wilde. Alongside this he has been active in radio and has been involved in many radio shows; usually as a voice in a story but occasionally creating podcasts and interviewing people of merit.

The Author

Stephen Fry has been described as a “near-asthmatic genius”; he is incredibly creative and driven with a passion for the English language and literature. His first novel was published in 1981, and he has since written three more, he has also written several non-fiction works and has even found the time to write three volumes of his autobiography.

Stephen Fry
His writing career has also included periods of writing as a columnist for both the Daily Telegraph and The Listener; more recently he has been writing a weekly technology column for the Guardian. His online presence immediately attracted interest and when he started a blog he had over 300,000 visitors within the first two weeks.

As a writer he has a tremendous influence on current, social media sites; his Twitter account started in 2008 and by 2012 he had over four million followers. His opinion and backing can boost sales on any website and frequently causes websites to crash.

Alongside his novels and autobiographies Stephen Fry has written or co-written many TV shows; the obvious examples are the “A Bit of Fry and Laurie” and “Saturday Live.” Amongst other things he also wrote the script for his tour of the USA, in which he visited every state and filmed the documentary.

An Audiobook Narrator

An audiobook allows people to listen to a book anytime and place. Stephen Fry has a very distinctive voice; it provides the right tone and accent for an audiobook recording. Fry has an avid interest in English Literature and loves to promote any method which increases the number of people ‘reading’ books of any sort. He has narrated a wide range of audiobooks from the immensely popular Harry Potter series to several of the Paddington Bear books. He has also narrated “Winnie the Pooh” and the extremely well known “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.”

There are also several books which have been written and narrated by himself such as “The Hippopotamus” and “The Ode Less Travelled.”

An Accomplished Narrator

He has a keen interest in poetry and has published several books on this subject; some of these are available as audiobooks which have been narrated by Fry. It is also possible to buy or stream a copy of his audiobook “Stephen Fry Presents a Selection of Oscar Wilde’s Short Stories”; this is narrated by Stephen Fry and is a subject particularly close to his heart. He has been an ardent fan of Oscar Wilde since he was thirteen years old and the chance to record an audiobook of his favorite short stories was too good to pass up.

Stephen Fry is also the patron of Listening Books; this is an audiobook charity which offers downloads to its members and is an active supporter of this charity. He has assisted them by recording an audio advert and supplying signed prizes for the Christmas raffle.

Audiobooks no longer need to be downloaded and saved on a desktop or Smartphone; they can now be streamed directly from the website. This technology allows someone to listen to an audiobook in real time; all that is required is a good internet connection. Without the need to download a book it is possible to start reading any book almost instantly.

Stephen Fry: The Man

He is known for his acting, narrating and even his writing, but in truth, he should also be recognized for the work he has done to raise the profile of Bipolar disease and a variety of other real causes.

He suffers from Bi-Polar and has had many times in his life where he has struggled to make sense of everything and see the point of living. He is, without a doubt, a talented man who has dedicated his life to others; whether by making people laugh or by encouraging them to read and broaden their horizons.

Perhaps he should be an example to all of us.


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