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There are volumes of information available about the power of the mind and how it can affect your life. But how many of us have actually studied any of this information and acted on it.


Attitude is everything, how we perceive the world and all the events that happen in our lives will decide how we act on them.

I was recently diagnosed with some issues in my lower back, which meant I would need to make some changes to my life style along with many months of physiotherapy.

My Work Day

Audio books: Self DevelopmentA big part of my average day was spent in an office chair for long hours writing and performing various tasks that are associated with a developing website. I was working in a chair that was not really designed with proper lumbar support and was a poor therapeutic design.

That fact combined with working long hours daily without enough breaks is most likely the cause of my issues. Now, as part of my physiotherapy, I need to exercise seven days a week and cut the time I spent sitting in a chair. I was told no walking or golf etc until further notice!

Many people experience far worse news in relation to their general health

As for most of us when we experience some sort of emotional trauma, our emotions impact our decision-making choices and influence the final outcome. Many people experience far worse news in relation to their general health or some other emotional upset , I have tried to imagine what is must be like to try and cope with many of the life changing scenarios that befall so many people and what it might be like to adjust to a different way of life.


Even though I know that my condition is comparatively trivial when compared to what others need to endure, it was still clear to me that I would need to be as positive as I could and that in the coming months that I would need to draw on every bit of motivation I could muster to try to recover and bring back my normal and working life to some sense of normality. I have been and still am doing daily physiotherapy and other exercises, I am happy to report that during my last consultation with my physiotherapist, that I have improved dramatically and it seems I am on my way back to good health.


I must confess that at the start I was very despondent and how I would cope with trying to get my work done and at the same time keeping my in the chair times to a minimum. This in addition to months of physiotherapy all felt daunting and I needed to remind myself how other people who have had far worse misfortune have managed to cope.

Motivational Tools

I knew I would need to develop and keep up a positive out look and believe in a good outcome. Part of my physiotherapy is to do an hour a day on an exercise bike, it occurred to me as being a perfect time to revisit some of my self-help audio books that I have listened to in the past.

These books are about developing and maintaining a strong and healthy mind and learning the art of positive affirmations that will help you meet various goals in your life. These goals are usually related to financial success or simply improving the quality of your life.

Some of the audio book titles that are in my iPhone and I am now revisiting:

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, and It’s All Small Stuff
We have all felt annoyed and sometimes stressed by all the little things that go wrong day-to-day.  This book helps you to get things into perspective and makes you realise that there are often a thousand and one annoyances in our daily lives but they are not worth getting upset about, I intend to make this one of the first books to go back and listen too.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
This is one of the classic titles in this genre.

Think and Grow Rich
Another classic book deals with your belief system, this will inspire you to succeed financially.  I like these types of books not because they motivate you to financial success, but because they teach you how to train your mind to succeed in achieving any goal that you set yourself.

How to Win Friends & Influence People
Yet another classic title that will help you reinforce your belief system.  This one has stood the test of time by remaining a bestseller for over 60 years, and even the title has become an English cliché.  It specializes in human relations and comes highly recommended.

In summary, all the above titles in this  genre generally have the intention of giving you techniques to better train your mind to meet various goals and or deal with life’s challenges. Whats important is that they teach you the skills you need to develop an assertive and positive mind which equates to a more fulfilling and fruitful life.

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