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Yesterday, I admitted my addiction to the television show, LOST. I have managed to refrain from postulating about the Island or going on about my theories of good and evil and symbolism and… Oh, sorry. I really am an addict.

Anyway, in my last blog, I shared the audio book details of just a few of the books that the character Sawyer has read during the series. Today, just for fun, I’m going to present some literature references from the show. Whether they have any hidden meaning remains to be seen, but its sure fun to think about!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, narrated by Christopher Plummer. In particular, the white rabbit seems to be a recurring theme in LOST. One episode is even titled, “White Rabbit” and another is “Through the Looking Glass”. As you may recall, the book takes Alice on some very bizarre adventures, like the survivors on LOST.

Audiobooks - TV Show LostLord of the Flies written and read by William Golding. This vaguely disturbing tale of British schoolboys marooned on an island. As they are forced to create their own society, the dark side of human nature is exposed. This book has been referenced multiple times in LOST. Characters have referred to it as they describe the nature of some of the survivors.

Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens, narrated by Paul Scofield. Money is the motivator in this story of murder, mystery, and a love triangle. This book was the one that the character Desmond had planned to save as the last book he reads before he dies. Later he finds a letter from his love, Penelope, inside. The boat on which Des and Penny live is called “Our Mutual Friend”.

The Pearl by John Steinbeck, narrated by Hector Elizondo. In this story, the main character finds that having money beyond your social status is a curse. In LOST, Hurley wins the lottery before becoming stranded on the Island. After the win, he has terrible luck and attributes this to a curse on his winnings.

Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, narrated by Ethan Hawke. I love this book! Billy Pilgrim has difficulty becoming what he refers to as ‘unstuck in time’. LOST’s Desmond has similar issues and even has a squad mate referred to as Billy in a flashback (a reference to the book).

Believe it or not, these are just a few of the books referred to. There are multiple other book sightings either in characters’ hands or on shelves. Whether they provide any real insight isn’t really the point… Keeping viewers guessing – and reading. Discuss this article in our Audiobooks Forum

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