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Digital books are ebooks (electronic books) and audio books (narrated books)

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Let’s face it. Audiobookshave tons of advantages. You can read while doing other things – gardening, driving, cleaning, exercising, you name it. Disadvantages are few, but can impact listening. Fortunately, I have found a fantastic solution right on my local library’s web site! The Problems The economy has hampered my ability to feed my book [...]


Oprah Winfrey, Queen of the Book Clubs, announced her Must-Hear Audiobooks this week on I have to be honest; I don’t generally seek out Oprah’s advice. Many of her book club selections have been a little… depressing. In fact, I began to wonder if Ms. Winfrey was getting a kickback from pharmaceutical companies that [...]

Audio Books Students and Academics

Most students, regardless of grade level, must complete a summer reading assignment for school. This task usually involves reading one or more books and completing a writing project. Historically, my sons wait until approximately 3.5 days before school starts in the fall to begin the dreaded assignment. It becomes a horrific chore and casts a [...]

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