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Audiobook Narrator Christine Padovan

What inspired you get into narration? Well, that’s an interesting question. I’d been working as a voice talent since 2007 -doing some regional radio and theatre commercials; internet series announcer and some voice dubbing. I moved to California and was taking a voiceover marketing class with Tori Hartman in Los Angeles.

Retirement Plan A Crime Novel

Want to buy new audio books, but are not sure which new releases will suit your taste? Here’s a brief review of the top 5 new audio books to help you choose the most appropriate new additions for your collection. 1. Jacked Up: Fast Track Series, Book 6 By: Erin McCarthy Publisher: Tantor Audio Narrated [...]

Midnight’s Seduction by Donna Grant

Audiobook readers don’t make journeys shorter, but they certainly make them more pleasurable. Flying and commuting to and fro from airports can be interesting if you do it once or twice a year, not when you do it 5 to 7 times every month. If you travel a lot and have somehow remained a stranger [...]

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