Audiobook Narrator Peter Delloro

I was a radio broadcaster for over 20 years and got disillusioned with where the industry had gone. Between voice tracking and consolidation I started to not have fun going to work anymore. I decided to start my own voiceover biz in 2006 and immediately began narrating EBooks and corporate videos. I thought I would be producing radio and TV commercials but found that there were more opportunities for me in narrations.

Audiobook Narrator Gregory Gorton

I have narrated over 500 audio books, I am a staff narrator for Potomac Talking Books in Bethesda, Maryland which sub-contracts (along with several other studios) to narrate books for the blind and physically handicapped program through The Library of Congress. I also work as the Director of Narrator development there.

I have narrated several public domain classics, such as White Fang and The Island of Dr Moreau. Late last year, I began working with ACX on more mainstream commercial projects, and have since completed three works: Double Exposure and Burnt Offerings, both by fiction author Michael Lister, and then a playful but education non-fiction title called Badass: The Birth of a Legend by Ben Thompson.

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