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Christmas is a favorite time for most families, a time to hopefully relax, celebrate and reflect.

Some of us enjoy shopping but few relish running around, across, up and down shopping elbow to elbow with a big chunk of the world’s population all at the same time.

How do you cater for those family and friends that live apart from us?

Answer; do as the millions of others who shop online do. Choose pay for and enter a name and shipping address and you’re done.
Buy Gifts Online
Ok, I have oversimplified a little, but it really is very easy……quick…..and comfortable.


  • Online reviews and product videos.
  • Search engines, online price comparison service
  • Product specifications
  • Search and compare prices with other online stores.


  • Freight cost may counter the cost advantage
  • No salesperson to answer questions

Make a list of the people who you would like to shop for.
Add a few details to set up an account (If you haven’t already)
Browse amazon’s online shopping page for gifts, adding items to you shopping cart.
Go to the checkout and add your shipping addresses
You’re done


Audio books, software, music, movies

Amazon Gift CardGift certificates and coupons

Very versatile as the customer has the ability to choose any product they like. Gift Certificates never expire and if the product cost is less than the value of the card, the balance remains as a credit that can be applied to another purchase. You can even post a card on your friends or family’s facebook wall!

Amazon Christmas Corner

Audible  Audio Books for Download
AUDIBLE is an Company

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