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Nonfiction audiobooks addressing brainwaves, economic depression, religion, and dieting were released this week. Let’s take a look at the latest…


The All Pro Diet: Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Live like a Champion by Tony Gonzalez and Mitzi Dulan (narrated by Chris Gonzalez) is a muscle-building diet and exercise program from NFL tight-end Gonzalez.

Dulan is a renowned dietician who lends her expertise to the recipes and meal plans which are predominantly plant-based with unprocessed foods. The audiobook includes a disc with PC based PDFs with sample menus, recipes, and exercises.


Jesus: Why the World is Still Fascinated by HimJesus: Why the World is Still Fascinated by Him by Tim F. LaHaye (read by Wayne Shepherd) is the latest release from bestselling author LaHaye. In the Gospel according to Matthew, Jesus asks, “Who do you say I am?” LaHaye considers this query and also questions the world’s ongoing fascination with Him.

The relevance of continued examination and prevalence of Jesus in so many lives – as well as in pop culture – is discussed in a way accessible for general readers.

Brain Wave

Brain Wave Vibration Audiobook with a Guided Training Session: Getting Back into the Rhythm of a Happy, Healthy Life by Ilchi Lee (read by Kelly Dolan with guided training by Melissa Koci) is a brain fitness and holistic healing presentation. This practice is employed to slow down and integrate brain waves resulting in stimulation of natural healing, improvement of stress management and physical vitality, increase creative potential and enhance brain health.


The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide: Protect Your Savings, Boost Your Income and Grow Wealthy Even in the Worst of Times by Martin D. Weiss (narrated by Oliver Wyman) is a guide to weathering the current global debt crisis. Weiss combines analysis of past economic crises with present-day insight in an effort to present readers with the tools to protect money, improve income, and build wealth.

Anyone looking for a common sense manual during this difficult economic situation should give this one a listen. Check out audible for new nonfiction audio books.

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