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Benefits of a Forum:
If you spend anytime online, you have probably already came across a forum at some point, more than likely you already participated in at least one or more.

For those that have not a quick overview, forums  also known as discussion forums or message boards, are an online meeting place for people with similar interests.

Some are dedicated to movies, television shows, and celebrities. Some provide meeting places for professionals and others connect people with common hobbies or interests.

Audiobook Forum

A discussion board is a great way of staying in touch with other people who share similar interests and for forming social bonds. They are also great places to research a product before purchasing.

Commercial reviews are fine, but it is my belief that the best way to keep abreast of new developments, feedback and comments is by gaining from real experiences and opinions of people who have tried any given product, whether it be books or something else.

It is simply a case of reading all the negative and positive comments and then determining a balance between them so that you can then make an informed decision whether or not that product is for you. Forums and discussion boards have been popular since the very start of the Internet when USENET networks and dial-up bulletin boards were prevalent.

Our new online audiobooks forum is dedicated to audio books (no surprise, there) but there is more to it than that. Even though the main subject material will be Audio books, all forms of discussions related to books are encouraged.

In addition to general discussion, our forum welcomes readers to choose an audiobookAudio Book Forum of the month for discussion within the forum. There are also sections for reviews, recommendations, audio book narrators, authors, and writers. We even have a community and off-topic area for people to meet and discuss anything at all.

Not to leave anyone out, discussion of traditional print books and eBooks and media devices also have dedicated sections.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? To be able to meet people from all over the world? To discuss current books, audio books, and just about everything else? I love online forums. I belong to several, ranging from entertainment venues to professional writing forums. I love to be able to discuss things with those who have similar interests.

A forum is a great place for both serious discussion as well as casual banter. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to take part. There’s no catch. This is simply a fun tool to facilitate interactions with new people.

Signing up for the forum takes only a few minutes, you just need a user name and an email address. Once you have an account, you can easily add details to your profile, including photos, signatures, and more. We would also urge you to perhaps write a few lines (Optional) about your interests in the new member’s introduction area, and you are done and ready to post. I’m currently listening to Brief Interviews with Hideous Men by David Foster Wallace, read by various narrators. Has anyone else read it? Anyone interested in discussing it? Meet me on our new

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