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Can’t find enough time to read your favorite books?

Most of us, on count of the busy life that we lead, are often unable to find enough time for things we love.

However, lack of time shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying your favorite pastime. Audio books are more than a viable alternative to the printed word. They are less expensive, easy to use, and can be played anytime.

You can listen to an audio book while commuting to office, while doing household chores, and even while taking a stroll in the park.

Download one or more of the following new audio book releases, and rekindle your passion for books.o many advantages audio books offer, it is hard not to use them. So, go ahead and

1. The Brief Against Obama: The Rise, Fall, & Epic Fail of the Hope & Change Presidency

The Brief Against Obama The Rise, Fall, & Epic Fail of the Hope & Change Presidency
By: Hugh Hewitt
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Narrated by: Jeremy Wesley
Customer Rating: Not Rated Yet
Length: 6 hrs and 57 mins
Audible Release Date: 07-13-12

A suitable audio book for anyone interested in knowing the cold, hard, true facts about Obama’s presidency. Hugh minces no words in declaring Obama’s presidency as a complete failure. The author reveals that nearly every decision taken by the current president was misguided and poorly executed. The only exception being the military operation that leads to killing of Bin Laden.

Hugh uses hard facts to prepare his case, and talks about colossal failure of Obamacare, the ever-increasing unemployment rate, and the monumental debt. The author dissects various promises made by Obama that were never fulfilled. He also examines scores of fallacious forecasts made by the U.S. president as well as hundreds of poorly-conceived innovations implemented during Obama’s tenure. According to Hugh, no other president, in recent times, has failed so miserably as Obama.

Best described as a precise indictment of Obama’s presidency, the book aims to help the American public realize how badly they have been let down, and what they must do in upcoming elections.
The message for the American public is loud and clear: Barrack Obama has to go.

2. Bright’s Passage

Bright’s Passage
By: Josh Ritter
Publisher: Josh Ritter
Narrated by: Josh Ritter
Customer Rating: Not Rated Yet
Length: 5 hrs and 19 mins
Audible Release Date: 07-13-12

With World War I over, Henry Bright returns to West Virginia. With his wife dead, Bright knows that now has to take care of their child, a son, all by himself. Grief-stricken and still coming to terms with the added responsibility of a son, Bright is hit by another misfortune – his house is destroyed.

Bright’s only hope for safety lies with the angel who walked the long back from France with him and now has promised to protect him and his young son. Disturbed by the haunting memories of the War and followed by his father-in-law and his two savage sons, Bright, with the newborn baby tucked by his side, walks beyond the devastated and plundered fields towards an uncertain redemption.

3. The Colonel’s Dream

The Colonel’s Dream
By: Charles Chesnutt
Publisher: Recorded Books
Narrated by: Kevin R. Free
Customer Rating: Not Rated Yet
Length: 9 hrs and 11 mins
Audible Release Date: 07-13-12

Written by one of the most popular civil right advocates of the 20th Century, Charles Chesnutt, The Colonel’s Dream was first published in year 1908. The book, however, was adjudged, by both critics and readers alike, to be extremely progressive for its time.

After the Civil War, Colonel French moves north and sets up a successful company with his two partners. With his company sold for a considerable fortune, Colonel returns to his home in North Carolina with his son, Phil. Homecoming gives way to nostalgia, and nostalgia brings him face to face with the reality: the repression and economic isolation of the Black population has not changed even after the Civil War.

Colonel is committed to set up a new order, to bring change. But will he succeed? Will the people, who he held in great esteem earlier but who now oppose him most vehemently, allow him to have his own way? Listen to this audio book to know a lone man’s determination and struggle to restore racial equality in his hometown post Civil War.

4. Give Your Heart to the Hawks: A Tribute to the Mountain Man

Give Your Heart to the Hawks A Tribute to the Mountain Man
By: Win Blevins
Publisher: Recorded Books
Narrated by: Henry Strozier
Customer Rating: Not Rated Yet
Length: 11 hrs and 39 mins
Audible release date: 07-13-12

Win Blevins is an acclaimed author who has won the Mountains and Plains Booksellers Award and the Spur Award twice.

In Give Your Heart to the Hawks¸ Win Blevins introduces readers to the “first few daring spirits” who explored the American West. This book sees Blevins paying tributes to Hugh Glass, who had a fatal encounter with a grizzly bear and walked in an almost-dead state for nearly 300 miles for help, and John Colter, who was captured by the Blackfeet Indians but managed to escape, and many other daredevils of the Great American West.

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