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A quick note: To those of you who were intrigued by the BBCAA/Neil Gaiman/Twitterverse collaboration a few months ago… a new audiobook is in the works.

Yesterday, bestselling author Meg Cabot tweeted the first line: “Every girl at Guru Fashion Agency had an eye on the hot new guy, Jake.

So Carly was shocked when he sent HER a text with his odd S.O.S.” Things have gotten seriously bizarre since then… It looks like supermodel zombies may be to blame! On to the list of new releases…

Lay Down My Sword and Shield by James Lee Burke, narrated by Will Patton. Hackberry Holland is a hard-drinking attorney who decides to make a bid for a congressional seat. This is actually an older title from Burke that has been out of print. A must-read for fans of his recent work!

AudiobooksThe Little Death by PJ Parrish, read by Victor Bevine. Mark Durand is a “walker”, a man paid to escort wealthy women to fancy events in Palm Beach. When his beheaded body is found, detective Louis Kincaid must delve into the lives of the rich and famous.

Horns by Joe Hill, narrated by Fred Berman. While he won’t rely on it, Joe Hill has two famous parents. As the son of Stephen and Tabitha King, he was born to write. I enjoyed his previous novel, The Heart Shaped Box, and look forward to reading this one. Horns is the story of Ignatius Perrish, a man who seems to have the devil inside… as evidenced by the horns growing from his temples. Yeah, it sound bizarre, but I have to read it.

Shadow Tag: A Novel by Louise Erdich, read by Coleen Marlo. This novel was recently reviewed in the NY Times and I am really dying to read it. Irene America discovers that her husband has been reading her diary, so she begins to keep a secret journal in a locked box. The diary that her husband has been reading becomes a tool for manipulation. Another that I just have to read! So many books, so little time!

The Last Surgeon by Michael Palmer, read by John Bedford Lloyd. Bestselling author, Michael Palmer, brings a new medical thriller to the table with The Last Surgeon. Dr. Nick Garrity suffers from PTSD related to an attack on his field hospital in Afghanistan. His current job is managing a mobile clinic. A search for a murderer leads to a connection with Nick… Sounds interesting…

UR by Stephen King, read by Holter Graham. Leave it to King to tap into our fears. In this one, an eBook reader opens a disturbing window into other worlds. So, how many people will be reading this on their Kindles? Hmm?

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