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Have you seen this awesome ad for the Kindle? It clearly wins the iPad vs. Kindle battle over eBook readers.

Very clever. I can tell you that it is correct. This summer, my husband attempted to read an eBook on the iPad and became very frustrated.

The glare is definitely objectionable. I don’t have my Kindle yet, but I can say that by looking at my brother-in-law’s, there is no issue with glare.

Keep that in mind if looking for a reader. The iPad does some amazing things and is easy to use inside, but in bright light, forget it.

myFry - Stephen Fry’s New Autobiography

Stephen Fry

Fry It Up

Meanwhile, Stephen Fry has released his second autobiography, The Fry Chronicles in England. It is available in hardcover, audiobook, iBook, and as an iPhone/iPod app. The app, titled myFry, is in the British iTunes store and is very unique.

Rather than simply offering the usual chapters in sequence, the app shows a color wheel that offers different themes as users touch the wheel.

When a subject of interest comes up, users tap it and are offered various tags for that section. The tags take the user to similar entries that may be read on the iPhone. Leave it to Fry to take his work one step further. He won’t be constrained by chronology! I am awfully jealous that this isn’t available in the US yet!

Causing a Ruckus

The former president of Simon & Schuster’s Children’s division, Rick Richter is heading up the new Ruckus Media Group. The new group will produce animated apps for children. They are pursuing popular children’s authors, including Joh Scieszka, Andrew Clements, and more, to produce apps exclusively for Ruckus.

The apps will be compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Android devices. Apps will target kids aged 3-10 and will be priced at $3.99 each, a very aggressive move in this highly competitive market. Richter plans to fully explore and use new technology to challenge and entertain children.

Byrne’s Bikes

David Byrne, former lead singer of Talking Heads, has released his memoir, Bicycle Diaries as an audio book read by Byrne. This memoir focuses on the years Byrne has spent riding his bike in New York City. The digital book includes music and location sounds to give a more immersive experience. This is one of those times that music and words have come together in a very good, very creative way.

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