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If you are one of the many folks that have always wanted to learn to speak Spanish, you probably realize the challenges involved in acquiring the skill.

Whether you want to learn because your work requires it, you want to converse with neighbors or new friends or you are planning a dream vacation to a Spanish-speaking country; you are probably willing to work hard to reach your goal.

There are a number of online courses, CD-based lessons, and classes offered at community colleges that promise to make you fluent in a few short months. No matter which method of instruction you choose, however, you can supplement it with recorded books.

Hear Perfect Accent

Audio Books LanguageFor most language learners, listening vocabulary grows at a faster rate than speaking or writing vocabulary does. Therefore, even if you are not able to give a speech or write an essay in Spanish, you may be able to understand a story.

Listening to recorded tutorials will give you a motivating way to increase your Spanish skills. You will hear narration done in a perfect accent that will improve your own pronunciation, and you will become more familiar with the sentence structure, rhythm and cadence of the language.

A Familiar Story

It makes sense to start with an audio version of a story you already know. Let’s say you loved hearing or reading “The Shack” by William P. Young, for example. Listening to La Cabana narrated by Frank Rodriquez will allow you to decipher many unfamiliar words from the context of the story and develop your abilities with Spanish vocabulary and comprehension.

Something Easier?

If that sounds too difficult for your skill set right now, consider listening to even simpler Spanish titles. With many recorded books available for Spanish-speaking children, audio books can open up all kinds of possibilities for you. You can listen to a book that you might remember from your own childhood like “Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel” or “Curious George” and enjoy the fun all over again—this time with a Spanish twist.

If you have children in your life that would benefit from listening to your books, see if you can find some of their favorite titles or authors in Spanish. Listening together can offer a time of fun and bonding as you challenge each other to understand the story.

Grab Them on CD or Download

Materials like this are easy to use whether you order CD audio books online, or download them to your MP3 player. They are portable and allow you to learn while you are driving, walking, gardening or exercising. So, why not add a little zest to your Spanish lessons and give digital tutorials a try? You’ll find that studying a language is more fun than ever.

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