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Wired Magazine’s 2012 Editor’s choice for best eReader, the Kobo Touch eReader, is an eBook reader you would love to hold. It is trendy, sleek, stylish, lightweight, and has no buttons.

Whether you are a serious book lover or someone who reads to pass time while traveling, Kobo Touch eReader is a useful companion to carry along.
Kobo Touch eReader
Read on to know the product’s features, specifications, and how it compares to other Kobo eReaders.

  1. Beautiful design: Kobo Touch eReader has the Kobo’s signature quilted back, which makes it look more expensive than it actually is. It has a 6-inch high-contrast E-Ink display that offers a superior reading experience. Finding the next read or completing any other task is easy and quick with its simple, easy-to-use, and intuitive touch navigation. Kobo Touch eReader uses a touchscreen instead of page buttons and a physical keyboard.
  2. Quick page turn: Kobo Touch eReader’s page turning speed is as good as any other eBook Reader. EBook readers, including this device, achieve faster page turns by not refreshing the screen fully with each page turn. The downside is that the screen appears grubby when you turn a page. By default, Kobo Touch eReader refreshes the screen after every six page. However, you can change the frequency of complete-page refreshes according to your preference. If you want, you can make the device refresh the screen fully after every page.
  3. Greater control over the display of text: Kobo Touch eReader offer users a choice of seven fonts and seventeen font sizes. In comparison to many other eBook readers, this device gives you more control over the way text appears on the E-Ink screen.
  4. 2 GB memory, plus expandable memory: The device has 2 GB storage space— of which 1 GB can be used for storing eBooks. Users can also increase the memory up to 32 GB using a micro SD card.
  5. Supports various formats: Unlike many other eBook Readers, Kobo Touch eReader support books of various stores. It supports TXT, MOBI, HTML, PDF, RTF, ePub books, and the comic formats CBR and CBZ. It allows you to read books from most retailers, except Amazon’s Kindle Store, which offers eBooks in its unique patented format.
  6. Allow you to sync titles /bookmarks across devices: The device includes apps for BlackBerry, Palm, iOS, and Android, and allows you to sync titles/bookmarks across devices.
  7. Excellent social reading feature: Kobo Touch eReader offers perhaps the best social reading feature. You can easily share what you are reading with your friends through Twitter, Email, or Facebook. You can also check out who else is reading a particular eBook and what they have to say about the eBook or writer. If you so wish, you too can join the conversation by tabbing the Page Feed icon.
  8. Impressive collection of books: The Kobo store has an impressive collection of eBooks. You will find all the mainstream books in the Kobo Store, as well as the works of thousands of other less well-known authors.

Kobo Touch eReader’s specifications

  • Available Colors: Black, Silver, Lilac, and Blue
  • Connectivity (wireless): 802.11b/g/n
  • Device Size: 4.5 inch x 6.5 inch (114 mm x 165 mm)
  • Weight: 6.5 oz. (185g)
  • Device Depth: 0.4 inch (10mm)
  • Processor: Freescale 508 Processor
  • Display size (diagonal): 6- inch Pearl with high-contrast E-Ink display
  • Screen: 16 Level, Grey-scale
  • Connectivity: Wi Fi, USB
  • Storage: 2GB (with 1GB for storing content; where you can save over 1,000 eBooks)
  • Expandable memory: 32GB (users can store about 32,000 eBooks using a 32GB memory card)
  • Battery life: Up to 30 days (1 month) with Wi Fi switched off
  • Pre-loaded eBooks: 15 hand-selected absolutely free previews
  • Fonts: 11 styles, 24 sizes

File formats:

  • Books: EPUB, MOBI, and PDF; Images: GIF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and BMP;
  • Documents: PDF; Comic Books: CBR and CBZ; Text: HTML, RTF, and TXT

How Kobo Touch eReader compares with other Kobo eReaders

Kobo eReaders Table

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