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Now that the eBook Reader price wars have begun, the decision on which unit to invest in just keeps getting more difficult. Borders will soon enter the fray and push the Kobo eReader. How will audio book fans choose their device? In my opinion, audiobook fans will likely stick to the Kindle.

DRM Features

Amazon’s offerings through Audible make the device very appealing. The choice is vast and pricing plans are reasonable. It is important to remember that you will likely be tied to the store from which the eReader is purchased for their content because of DRM features.

The Kobo eReader will be offered with a $20 gift card and double “Borders Bucks” with the purchase of the $149.99 device to pull customers away from the Kindle and Nook.

Amazon Kindle

Nook or Kindle Refund

If you recently purchased a Nook or Kindle at the higher price, you might be able to get a refund. Amazon will credit the $70 price differential to customers who bought Kindles at $259 in the last thirty days. Barnes & Noble will credit customers $10 and give $50 gift cards to those who are within the fourteen day return period. Contact customer service at either company for details.

Nook eBook readerNew Operating Systems

Along with the price reductions, both Nook and Kindle have revealed new operating systems for the units. The Nook improvements include seamless connection at all AT&T wireless hotspots and a feature that allows readers to skip to a specific page within a book. Kindle offers an option for organizing digital media into collections, PDF zoom and pan, password protection, and the ability to share portions of book text on Twitter and Facebook from the Kindle.

Scott Sigler

Author Scott Sigler has a unique take on publicizing his writing. He offers his work for free as weekly audio downloads from his website ( prior to the work being published. He sees it as free advertising and has built a large fan base with this practice. Check out his current work: Ancestor.


I recently mentioned in the forum that one of my best friends has written an amazing novel. I was privileged to read his manuscript and LOVED every word. Want to hear a free audio sample of the first chapter? Check out Demonitude  and then come to forum to comment on this Thread: A Great Listen! We would love your feedback!

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