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It’s great to be able to share a passion, albeit it books or something else. Have you ever read an e-book on your Kindle and wanted to share it with another family member or a friend.

Amazon’s Kindle electronic book reader now allows you to loan a book to someone else, but be aware there are conditions attached!

This article is intended to highlight the main points and provide an overview of this recently implemented feature.

It is also intended to act as a shortened version of the full help page provided by the help page.

Kindle EBook Lending Enabled.

The Positives

You do not need to own a Kindle to accept a loan; the book may be read using the free applications that are available for your Personal computer Mac, Blackberry, iphone, and ipad or Android.

No need to stress about your book being returned, it will happen automatically.

Both the lender and borrower are able to check the current and ending status for the loan period.

Kindle EBook Lending Loan This Book

The Limitations

Only a limited range of titles can be loaned, “Lending: Enabled” will be shown in the product details section. For titles that you already own a “Loan this book button” will be displayed at the top of the additional information section of your Manage Your Kindle page.

Currently only residents of the United States are able to use the loan enabled feature of Kindle’s EBooks. The recipient may or may not be able to accept the loan if the title is not available in the Country where they live because of the publisher geographical rights. In this case the borrower will be notified.

You will need to logon to or create an account with to start the verification process which uses your billing address to confirm your location.

The borrower will be notified by email that a title has been offered to them on loan, they must accept within 7 days.

The borrowing period is a maximum of 2 weeks during which time the owner of the book will not be able to read that book. (The title owner will see a reminder message on the home screen that the title is out on loan).

The title may be loaned once only.

Kindle EBook Lending Get This Book Now

As is the case with any of the other features, you may or my not use it. But sure is nice to have it!

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