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It’s all over the news. James Patterson has set another record. Remember when it was announced that he would release a record-setting number of books this year?

Note that I say “release”, not “write”. Anyway, now he has hit the news again by putting those books with his name on them into digital format and selling a slew of them. *sigh*

It’s Over James!

I have a grudge against Patterson. This will come as no surprise to those of you who have read my articles over the last year, but in case you are new here or have forgotten, I have broken up with James Patterson. I used to read everything he wrote. Everything. Then something strange happened. His book covers looked different. And the content started to go downhill.

Look at Patterson’s latest releases;

James Patterson Private

James Patterson 9th Judgment

James Patterson Miricle on the 17th Green

James Patterson Author?

On each cover, Patterson’s name is prominent. Each of these books has an “additional” author, though you may not notice it at first glance. These secondary writers have their names included in nondescript colors, smaller fonts, and in the case of The 9th Judgment, nearly hidden. If you have read any of these so-called Patterson novels, you will have noticed a change in his writing. That’s because he isn’t actually writing them… and that’s what angers me.

James Patterson Books

How many of you have been duped into buying a James Patterson book, only to find that it was “co-written” – and I use the quotes with great sarcasm – by another author? Show of hands, please. One, two, three…  Lots. I feel your pain. It happened to me as well. But I’m onto him now.

James Patterson

James Patterson

I’m sure Patterson is compensating them handsomely

Are you buying this “co-writer” thing? Seriously? C’mon. Patterson is out on a golf course somewhere while these other folks are writing his books. His name is on the cover because his name sells books. Is that fair to readers? I don’t think so. It really ticks me off.

I have nothing against those poor blend-into-the-cover-in-small-print authors. I’m sure Patterson is compensating them handsomely. But….  is there one person out there anxiously awaiting the next book from Maxine Paetro? I didn’t think so. And I’m willing to be that the money she and her similarly unrecognized cohorts don’t make nearly as much money as Mr. Patterson.

A New James Patterson?

Imagine your favorite author. Now imagine that he or she begins farming out your favorite series to an unknown writer. The voice of the books is no longer what you have come to expect. The characters are inconsistent. This is what has happened to Patterson fans. Not pretty.

I am holding a grudge. I admit it. I think James Patterson should be ashamed. He’s taking credit for books he isn’t writing. And I will not buy any of them.

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