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Surprise, surprise, James Patterson has a new audiobook out this week. Please read that sentence again with the proper sarcastic inflection. While I’m not all that excited for his recent non-effort, there are some new releases out there worth some enthusiasm. 

Martin Cruz Smith offers The Three Stations: An Arkady Renko Novel, narrated by Ron McLarty.

This is the seventh Renko novel featuring the Russian investigator. In this outing, Renko is considering quitting because his boss is refusing to give him any cases. To push forward, he takes it upon himself to find out the truth about the murder of a prostitute at Three Stations.

I always say I’m going to read some Smith and I never do… I read Gorky Park years ago, but for some reason I haven’t tried any others. Should I? 

The Cobra by Frederick Forsyth

James Patterson

James Patterson

Frederick Forsyth, released The Cobra, narrated by Jonathan Davis.Paul Devereaux has been retired from the CIA for being too ruthless. Now he is going out on his own to fight evil with nobody to hold him back. Forsyth is another author I haven’t read. No idea why. 

I’d Know You Anywhere by Laura Lippman

I’d Know You Anywhere is the latest novel of suspense from Laura Lippman (narrator not listed). Eliza Benedict was kidnapped when she was a teen and held hostage for six weeks. As an adult, she is shocked to receive a letter from her former captor, now on death row.

so this one is going on the must-read list.

She wonders why he let her live and begins tentative contact with him, but this may prove to be a mistake. Now, Lippman I have read and I am a fan of psychological suspense, so this one is going on the must-read list. 

The PostCard Killers by James Patterson: Liza Marklund

And finally, you guessed it; James Patterson (with the barely credited Liza Marklund) has released The PostCard Killers, narrated by Katherine Kellgren, Erick Singer, and Reg Rogers. An NYPD detective on a European tour is visiting sites that he daughter saw before she was murdered while on vacation in Rome. He teams up with a Swedish reporter to find the killer. Do I even have to tell you that I won’t be reading this? Somebody stop the Patterson train. Please. 

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