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Finding and Listening to Your Audiobooks.

iTunes Tips:

The iTunes store can be intimidating if you don’t know how to find what you want. There are a few tricks to making this a bit easier…

If you have a favorite author, you can use “Alert Me”. On one of their book pages in iTunes, click on the link.

Audiobook Tips and Tricks 1

A pop up will confirm your alert preference:

Audiobook Tips and Tricks 2

Choosing OK will add the author to your list. Choosing Manage My Alerts brings you to this screen:

Audiobook Tips and Tricks 3

This page gives users the option of receiving email alerts about other artists you have downloaded. If you do a lot of downloading, you may be inundated with alerts. It may be best to set individual alerts.

Beware the Genius List:

My family shares an iTunes account. Some of our musical and literature tastes are similar… but some are not. The Genius bases recommendations on the account in its entirety. Don’t blindly trust that it will be content that suits you.

General Tips:

Watch for specials. iTunes always has an audiobook of the month that it discounts. Often, there are free chapter samples so users can try before they buy.

Not all apps are created equal. Make sure you are not paying for content that should be free.

Consider a membership. Prolific readers benefit from subscription programs like Audible. Track your reading habits for a month and compare your expenses to the available plans.

Be flexible. Try something different. I am very interested to see where Vook goes with its integrated eBook media.

Check publishers’ websites. They often offer email author alerts that let you know when a new release is coming. For example: Jodi Picoult on Simon and Schuster:

Audiobook Tips and Tricks 4

Be aware that digital books may be DRM protected and may not play on all devices. Make sure the format is compatible. For example, an iTunes recorded book may not play on a Zune mp3 player without reformatting.

More and more libraries are offering digital downloads. Using the Overdrive digital media service, you may be able to borrow a book and put it right on your device. Some libraries offer Playaways with preloaded books as well.

Come visit our audiobook forum and let me know what questions you need answered about audiobooks!

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