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First, let’s cover downloading the updated version of iTunes. If your computer does not automatically tell you that an update is available, you can go to Help, Check for Updates in the menu bar on iTunes.

You will then be given the option to download and install iTunes 9.1 and the accompanying updates for Safari and MobileMe. I don’t use MobileMe, so I uncheck this option.

iTunes will then update the software on your computer. Once it is done, it will request permission to restart your computer so that the changes can be applied. After restart, you will need to agree to the standard iTunes licensing agreement and iTunes will then update your library.

 iTunes 9.1 - 1Updating Library

The first thing that I noticed in iTunes 9.1 is the change in my Library. It no longer says “Audiobooks”, but instead “Books” in preparation for one category with all books, audio and digital.

iTunes 9.1 - 3

Clicking on Books revealed my audiobook library.

iTunes 9.1 - 4

I went into the members library and downloaded a free eBook of Alice in Wonderland. Adding it to iTunes was a simple drag and drop.

iTunes 9.1 - 2 
And it was added.

iTunes 9.1 - 5 
iTunes does not have any programs for reading the books, so they must be added to a device to be read.

There are other minor improvements to iTunes, including the ability to work with the Genius Mixes and convert music to 128kbps AAC format.

Whether or not you are going to get an iPad, these updates will benefit you and improve the ease of use of iTunes.
All of these upgrades seem poised to prepare for iPad users to easily sync and begin using their new devices. So… did YOU preorder? 

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