32 GB (4th Generation)

Apples iPod touch along side the iPhone have become the companys flagship portable media players. Thanks to the mega popular Apple application store popular apps have fueled the Ipod touch/phone popularity for millions around the world.Regular hardware and software updates have introduced new features and bug fixes further improving the devices good standing in the poratble media player market.

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Awesome new features like “Facetime”, the new “Game Centre all displayed on the high definition screen makes photos, videos and games look incredible! It performs as smooth as silk even when multitasking.

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What the Heck is FaceTime?

Use your email address and together with you Apple ID connect with your friends in real time. When you’re connected with Wi-Fi facetime is actually a live video call, much more fun than just texting messages with photos.

Apple iPod Touch Faces

What about Styling

Hard to say anything negative about the devices design or styling. It’s light to hold, thin and simply put, “looks elegant”

How Good is the Display.

The Retina display is simply the best display in an iPod device yet, a 960×640 LCD screen is in fact so fine that the tiny lines that a square, called a pixel is far too small to be visible to the human eye! The end result is that all your graphics, videos and photos are going to be stunning visually. It’s very noticeable in comparison to older iPod models.

Apple iPod Touch Screen

Does it Have Speakers?

Yes it does, but if you’re planning on using the external speaker for listening, however, you might want to reconsider. I would suggest an external speaker or a good quality set of earbuds.

The Processer

The Apple A4 processor is what allows all the functionality of this device to work a smoothly as it does. The device easily handles whatever you ask of it, multitasking or video editing or handled without any lag or pause.

Why Does It Have a Gyro + Accelerometer, and what is it?

This is a technical feature that allows an advanced motion sensing system to enhance mainly game features that react when you move the device. It senses acceleration, rotation and full 3D attitude to make games interactive and lots more fun!

Does it have a Decent Camera?

There is not just one camera, there are two! One on the front screen side and the second is on the back. Just you just tap the screen to activate either. When you’re shooting video it is recorded in High definition 720 pixels. This means the image is as clear as crystal, the camera will adjust for low light levels and any ambient sounds like music or someone speaking will be recorded as well.

The front camera is VGA-quality camera and is setup with the correct settings for facetime calls and self portraits and the back camera is for videos

Apple iPod Touch

How Does The Touch Screen Work?

When you put your finger on the iPod touch, how does it just start doing what you want it to do? It’s a chain reaction, really. The Multi-Touch display layers a protective shield over a capacitive panel that senses your touch using electrical fields. It then transmits that information to the Retina display below it. So you can glide through albums with Cover Flow, flick through photos and enlarge them with a pinch, zoom in and out on a section of a web page, and control game elements precisely.

Does It Take Videos?

Yes, and it shoots and plays back high definition After you have finished shooting your video you can check and edit it on the spot, all the basic editing tools you need are built in. This is really handy when you are away; you can edit and delete your videos which helps conserve your storage memory. Another feature is that you can email your video, send it to your facebook page or upload it to your YouTube account, and start sharing it right away!

There are some great applications that can be downloaded to really expand the use and editing capabilities of the device.

You can also download movies from the iTunes store and watch it almost anywhere, great when you’re on a plane or train! Of course you might prefer to watch a video podcast or a TV show…list goes on here.

Watch all the latest hot videos on YouTube

How Is It For Games?

One of the popular past times for many people using an iPod touch is playing games. Using the Game Center application all you need do is sign in using your Apple ID and a whole world of gaming options are before you.

Apple iPod Touch

Pick one or more email addresses and a nickname, the more email addresses you register the more chance that people you know might find you and vise versa you can then interact with your friends within the system. You can:

Download games
Invite a friend from your friends list
Check the leader boards and achievements list and see how everyone is scoring?

If you would like to start a multiplayer game, you can use the auto-match system to organize a fellow player from someone who might be anywhere in the word. If any of your friends are looking for a game then the system will give them priority to play if they choose to.

Apple iPod Touch Games

Music. Cover Flow.

Browse all your albums using coverfow, album art is beautifully displayed graphically and advanced or reversed simply by swiping with your finger. To see the playlist just tap the cover and it will flip over and show you the track playlist. Just tap any song to start the song playing.

Genius playlists.

Another hot feature is the genius. When listening to a song in this mode, genius will select other songs from your music library that are in a similar musical vein. Think of it as an intuitive juke box or your very own persona DJ.

Shake to Shuffle

Don’t feel like the iteming to the song that’s currently playing, no problem just give your iPod touch a “Shake” and a different song will begin to play.


Apple iPod Touch iTunes

The engine room for your iPod touch, iTunes allows you to take control of your device. More than just a management system, the software allows you to download, add or remove all the digital information for your IPod touch

It is also an online shop where you can
Buy or hire movies and TV shows
Download audio and video casts.
Buy music
Add audio books.
Download free and commercial applications from the many thousands available in the library.
Sync your iPod with iTunes
Perform backups
Easily install any software updates for your device as they become available.

Apple iPod Touch Vertical

Does It Support Bluetooth?

Yes, Bluetooth is supported allowing you to use compatible warless headphones and battery chargers. Great as it allows you to listen to your music while your iPod is safely tucked away in your bag.

Can You Browse The Internet?

Yes, you can browse the internet with the Apple Safari web browser installed on your IPod as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Can I Read Books On the IPod?

The ibooks app is available to download for free. You can then use your iPod touch as an E-book reader, another very popular pastime for many IPod touch owners. Tons of free and commercial books can be easily downloaded.

What about Email

You can compose, send and receive emails and attachments using any type of email account.


Add your digital photos and have them with you where ever you go. Choose a photo for your iPods background. (Wallpaper)

Apple iPod Touch Face

Any Voice Control Functions?

Yes you can control music playback on iPod touch using spoken commands.

Any Travel Friendly Features?

Yes you can find restaurants, concert venues, or any place you need to go, and see how to get there with Maps.

Nike + iPod

Achieve your fitness goals with built-in Nike + iPod support on iPod touch.

Voice Memos

Record notes, random thoughts, a friend’s impersonation, or any audio you want.


IPod touch comes with screen-reading technology and other accessibility features.

iPod Touch  Technical Specifications


The Apple iPod Touch comes with a one-year limited warranty

What’s in the Box?

It comes packaged with one 32 GB iPod touch, earphones, dock connector to USB cable, and quick start guide.

What other people are saying!

Indeed, if you have never had an iPod touch before, you’re in for a real treat. Of course, if you have, then you know firsthand: it’s is worth its weight in gold–no, in platinum. And now, with the latest generation, it may even be worth its weight rare gem stones! I digress…

Well, what can’t it do?
The iPod touch is like a magical little box, only it’s flat. While it cannot cook your breakfast, yet (I’m sure someone is already working on that), it can indeed do some pretty extraordinary things. It’s an amazing catch-all device that can provide hours of entertainment, give you the power of the Web in your hand, and it can even replicate the functionality of countless one-off products. Developers have been creating apps that take advantage of special hardware of the iPod touch to emulate some…

This Touch is VERY practical for reading NYTimes articles or USAToday articles in their reader applications, optimized for this size display (crisp, large type). VERY practical for browsing the regular on-line editions of most newspapers (tap once to fit a column to a screen with nice readable type). GREAT for YouTube since the YouTube app included with the device is optimized for delivering high def YouTube content – if available, HD videos are automatically preferred. GREAT for Netflix and Hulu Plus. GREAT for gmail and ok for Facebook (I am sure FB will make its dedicated app more user-friendly in the future)…

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