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Looking for a new audiobook to read this week? Summer is half over already so grab your book and head outside! Here are some selections from this week’s audiobook releases!

Politically Minded

In the President’s Secret Service by Ronald Kessler (narrated by Alan Sklar), the author details an inside look at the agents assigned to protect US presidents.

Kessler interviewed more than one hundred current and former agents to give readers with insight into this interesting organization.

Audiobook In the President’s Secret Service by Ronald Kessler

Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkins

Michelle Malkin’s Culture of Corruption (read by Johnny Heller) describes President Obama and his team as tax cheats, crooks, and cronies. A damning story of corruption in the White House, Malkin delves into issues of nepotism, lies, secrets, and the ruined economy.

The Battle for America 2008 by Haynes Johnson and Dan Balz

The Battle for America 2008 by Haynes Johnson and Dan Balz, (read by Dick Hill) is the story of the political battle for the White House. Balz and Haynes followed the campaigns from the outset and give listeners in-depth information about the longest and most expensive campaigns in history.

 New Fiction from Great Authors

Richard Russo always delivers wonderful character-based literary fiction. His latest, That Old Cape Magic (read by Arthur Morey), is no exception. Protagonist Griffin has led a charmed life. Little does he know that within a year, his entire world will change? I look forward to peeking through the window at Griffin’s life as Russo tells his story.

Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon

Thomas Pynchon, the notoriously reclusive author, is departing from his usual daunting prose to present Inherent Vice (read by Ron McLarty), a noir tale of California in the 60s. Private eye Doc Sportello, a hippie burnout, is embroiled in a bizarre case that somehow involves the Aryan Brotherhood, a real estate mogul, and the Feds.

Bestselling author Christopher Reich has released a sequel to Rules of Deception with Rules of Vengeance (read by Paul Michael). The espionage thriller follows Jonathan Ransom and his fugitive wife Emma on a convoluted chase through London after a car bomb injures a Russian Interior Minister.

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