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I found myself reading more this week as I monitored my son’s illness (watching for H1N1} and really enjoyed Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins as well as The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood. I’m moving on to Evidence by Jonathan Kellerman now as I review what looks good from this week’s list of new audiobook releases.

Heat Wave by Richard Castle

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Audio BookHeat Wave by Richard Castle (narrator not identified) I couldn’t figure out where I had heard the author’s name until I read the book description.

This is a media tie in to the television series, Castle. Richard Castle is a fictional character on the show who is an author who shadows a police detective to get material for his writing. Confused?

Basically, this book has been written by a fictional character. I haven’t seen the show, but friends have told me that it is appealing. I enjoy mysteries, so I will most likely pick it up.

ESPN: The Company

ESPN: The Company: The Story and Lessons behind the Most Fanatical Brand in Sports by Anthony F. Smith and Keith Hollihan (read by L.J. Ganser) I must begin by saying that I am not a sports fan. When my son and husband are watching a game, of any kind, I leave the room.

That being said, my son is a true sports fan. This book strives to tell the story behind the successes and failures of the go-to network for sports news and coverage. I may as well get it now for him for Christmas, right?

Power of 2

Power of 2: How to Make the Most of Your Partnerships at Work and in Life by Rodd Wagner and Gale Muller (narrator not identified) This book emphasizes the benefits of collaborating with others at work and in personal lives. Research supports the eight elements put forward in the book that help partners succeed.

These days, everyone seems bent on personal achievement, so the concepts here are intriguing. I think this one might be a great resource, especially as I prepare to send my oldest to college.

The Jonas Brothers Forever

The Jonas Brothers Forever was released this week, but I simply cannot go there. Really. I have nieces and have been subjected to their music. My best guess is that if you are shopping for a girl between the ages of 6-17, they’ll want this.

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