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I love summer. It’s the perfect time to grab a book and enjoy some sunshine out on my patio.

Occasionally I’ll put my iPod earphones on to listen to an audio book and sometimes I’ll find one that interests my kids and I and plug-in a speaker so we can all listen. I can’t wait.

The Passage by Justin Cronin

Admittedly, the book I am looking forward to the most is The Passage by Justin Cronin (read by Edward Herrmann). I have avoided the vampire craze.

The thought if teenage angst-filled sparkly vampires make me nauseous. I haven’t read a really good vampire story since The Historian… but I am planning to pick up The Passage this week. It isn’t technically summer yet, but I’m reading Storm Prey by John Sandford now and have The Lonely Polygamist and The Burning Wire out of the library as well, so I’ll buy it and set it aside for a summer read.

The Passage by Justin Cronin Downloadable Audio Book OnlineThe reason I am lifting my moratorium on vampire novels for The Passage is that it sounds incredibly interesting and unique. In it, a virus infects people and turns them into vampires or “virals”. These infected vamps are not Twilight, nor are they Dracula. They are completely different and wonderfully frightening. I can’t wait.

The Liar’s Lullaby by Meg Gardiner

Meg Gardiner’s The Liar’s Lullaby (narrated by Susan Ericksen) is due on June 24th. This is her third thriller with Jo Beckett, a San Francisco forensic psychiatrist. In this outing, she is investigating the death of a country singer during a failed concert stunt. Gardiner is always good for a taut thriller. I’m planning to read this one!

Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich

June 21 is highlighted on my calendar as the next Stephanie Plum novel; Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich (narrator not noted yet) is coming out. This hilarious series is perfect for summer reading. Stephanie Plum, a barely passable bounty hunter, works in the burg in New Jersey with her sidekick – a plus sized ex-hooker – Lula. In this installment, Stephanie inherits a lucky bottle from her Uncle Pip… but whether the luck is good or bad remains to be seen. I will absolutely be reading this one!

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

My son and I have a big red ring around August 24. Suzanne Collins’ Mockingjay, the third in the Hunger Games trilogy will be out! (Narrator not yet announced) These books are labeled YA, but let me tell you, they are AWESOME. I thoroughly enjoyed Hunger Games and Catching Fire and they completely bowled over my reluctant reader. Characters, action, and writing are all exceptional. Mockingjay finds Katniss Everdeen still battling The Capitol alongside the people of District 12. I can’t wait.

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