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During the course of my adult years, I have built scratch three garden projects from scatch.

The first was a basic and very simple garden to replace the bare and baron yard for the first house that I bought.

It was the first time that I had planted shrubs and experiences the joy of watching them grow and transform my own piece of personal landscape.

Brand New Garden Project

My second project was to build a brand new garden from a landscaping plan designed to be the major feature for my brand new architect designed home. The house and garden came together from start to finish during the course of nine years. During the time of these two projects I purchased many books and magazines of various descriptions to further my knowledge about general gardening, landscaping flowers shrubs and composting.

Garden Books Library

Audio Books GardenAll these publications were in the form of traditional books and magazines which many of us are familiar with. The majority of these publications were in full glorious color and remains with me today as my gardening text and pictorial reference library.

Regardless of which type of gardening you do, vegetable or ornamental gardening, there is nothing quite like whittling away the hours in the fresh air and sunshine.

Listen While You Garden

Audio books are digitally recorded books being read out aloud by a narrator. Narrated books are available from audio book sellers in all popular genres and may be downloaded and listened too with an Mp3 player. If you love to work in your yard and garden, you may carry information and entertainment with you as you weed, water or plant.

However, you might be unaware that you can actually use audiobooks you download to gain inspiration and knowledge about the subject of gardening. There are number of nonfiction mp3 audio books online that deal with topics dear to a gardener’s heart.

Popular Gardening Books You May Enjoy

Second Nature: A Gardener’s Education written and read by Michael Pollan.

This title was named as one of the 75 best books written about gardening by the American Horticultural Society and contains chapters about such varied subjects as dealing with pesky rodents, cultivating roses and lawn care. With its entertaining and often humorous look at the trials and tribulations of those who do battle with nature, it provides more than 9 hours of pleasant accompaniment to any kind of yard work.

Personalizing Pilates: Gardeners. Written and narrated by Sherry Lowe-Bernie

If you have ever experienced sore, stiff muscles after working in your garden, you may really appreciate this audio book which provides 30 minutes of gentle stretches and exercises that are designed to help a gardener keep his or her back, arms and legs in good condition. When the workout is performed after a session in the garden, it also relieves the stiffness that can result from digging, lifting and pulling.

Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul: Stories to Sow Seeds of Love, Hope and Laughter.

Like the other titles in this series, the gardener’s edition is filled with essays and personal stories by a number of authors that will appeal to those with a green thumb.

You Bet Your Garden by Mike McGrath

Finally, you should consider these recorded versions of the popular radio program for valuable hints and tips for your gardening enterprises.

These bargain audio books have an average length of 50 minutes and are perfect for listening while you hoe, rake or shovel.

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