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    Default The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson

    This (The Broken Sword) is a novel I read many years ago (back in the 1980s). I've read it several times since. I think it was originally published in the 1950s or maybe 60s.

    In anycase I just finished listening to the audiobook version and was very pleased. The first 10 minutes were kind of dull (introduction) but after that, went well. The style of writing, with description of weather and scenery are excellent. It does not fit today's pattern of front loading action, as there is a bit more set-up, but the payoff is worth it. The narration fit the characters and emotions--right on target.

    The story is about Skaflock, a human stolen as a foster child by an Elf Earl, and a changling is left his his place (Valgard). The storyline follows the two individuals, one good, the other evil as they grow and come into conflict to the backdrop of a war between the elves and trolls, with the Norse gods playing a hand.

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    Default Re: The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson

    Where I can get the book?
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    Default Re: The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson

    Quote Originally Posted by Michelle88 View Post
    Where I can get the book?
    You can get The Broken Sword via in CD form, or download from Maybe iTunes. I've not checked there.

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    Default Re: The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson

    The Broken Sword is an early work from Poul Anderson. I found it to be an imaginative and energetic novel that captures the zeitgeist of the Norse sagas and presents it in novel form for the modern reader to enjoy. I read online books as well and I really enjoy that.

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