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Amazon announced this week that for the first time, there eBook sales have exceeded hardcovers.

It is important to note that in May Amazon split the bestseller lists into the “Top Paid” and “Top Free” books because claiming free books as “bestsellers” was being called inaccurate (by me and many others).

The current figures are based on the paid book sales. The top-selling authors are those with multiple titles – Charlaine Harris, James Patterson, and Nora Roberts among them – whose fans buy older works in the new format.

First Amendment Rights

This week, 73,000 blogs were shut down under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Some of the blogs were apparently engaged in illegal file sharing, but some were harmless – such as Science Experiments for Kids or Tea and Politics. Basically, because of some blogs illegal file sharing practices, was terminated by the request of law enforcement officials due to copyright infringement issues. Apparently it was too tedious for the feds to week through and only ax the blogs that were engaged in illegal activity. Does this seem a little Big Brother to anyone?

eBooksThe Multimedia Pillars of the Earth

I will begin by admitting that I have not read Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth. Now I wonder if I should take a look at the newly released amplified edition for iPad. It has pictures, character descriptions, and scenes from the mini-series.

It also includes set drawings and author interview clips as well as music. Basically, there’s tons of content in addition to the digital text. The regular digital eBook is $7.99. The amplified version is $12.99. Will you pay more for the multimedia content?

This Is a Bad Situation

I am horrified to report that Gotham Books has made a deal with The Situation from the television series, The Jersey Shore, to write a book. It will be a nonfiction account of his life. Hopefully he will have a skilled ghostwriter; because I’m not convinced the guy can even read. Heaven help us if he decides to record his own audio version.

Bite Me

I finished Sizzling Sixteen – a hilarious read – and have started Bite Me by Christopher Moore. What should I read next? If you haven’t visited our audiobook forum, I suggest you do so immediately. I am seeking advice on my must-reads for summer and could use your input.

We have some very nice and interesting people posting about their all time favorite audiobooks, as well as a contest for the person who authors the most helpful posts this summer. Check it out!

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