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I have friends who are obsessed with Doctor Who. I had heard of the BBC television series, but had never seen it. I listened to their rants and raves, probably pretty much like they listened to my LOST drivel – with tolerant nods and confusion.

Well the good doctor has been around for  some time and I had no idea that the series had been adapted as a good number of Dr Who audio books, (over 150) including original fiction with the characters. Maybe I should take a closer look…

Eleven Actors have Portrayed the Doctor

Dr. Who first appeared on BBC TV in 1963. It ran until 1989 and then revived in 2005. Originally serialized, current episodes are self-contained with loose story arcs. During that time, eleven actors have portrayed the doctor.

An Eccentric, Intelligent Alien!

Apparently, he is an eccentric, intelligent alien who travels via his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) machine that looks like an old British telephone or police box. He is determined to do the right thing and to pursue justice. Admittedly, I have learned all of this by looking it up online. I have no idea of the hows and whys of Dr. Who’s travels… Maybe some of you would be willing to visit our forum and enlighten me?

Dr Who Audio BookTyping “Dr. Who” into Audible yields a whopping 159 results! Some are fiction and some simply contain references to the phenomena. There are even collections of interviews and sketches about the show. Oh, and as I am scrolling through, I see that there is also a reference to Horton Hears a Who… hm. That’s not really what I was looking for! I will choose a few of the results to offer you an overview of what is available.

Dead Air by James Gross

Doctor Who: Dead Air by James Gross is read by David Tennant, the actor who played the tenth doctor. It is an original adventure that features the doctor chasing a creäture that exists through sound.

Dr Who Audio BookAutonomy by Daniel Blythe

Doctor Who: Autonomy by Daniel Blythe, narrated by Georgia Moffett, takes the doctor to 2013 and a 24 hour entertainment complex. While it seems fun, apparently danger lurks at Level Zero and Dr. Who will need to help.

The Krillitane Storm by Christopher Cooper

Doctor Who: The Krillitane Storm by Christopher Cooper, read by Will Thorp, finds the doctor in medieval Worcester. The city appears deserted as the citizens are afraid to venture out after dark. Dr. Who will have to figure out how to deal with the murderous Krillitane.

What do you think? Have you read any of the Doctor Who books? Do you watch the television show? Stop by the forum and let me know…

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