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The words Disney and quality are synonymous for visual and audio products. Disney’s Digital audio books subscription service is designed for children to experience the joy of reading books in a fun and interactive way.

There is a wide range of Disney book titles suitable for children from preschool and kindergarten to middle schooling.

Because the service is online, it is much more then just children’s book titles for an e-book reader, this is an interactive service in full color and all the files are stored on the web site. Apart from your computer, no additional hardware is required. Each subscription includes accounts for three children; a free trial is also available.

Disney Digital Books PageOver 500 Disney book titles have been digitized offering features such as the ability to listen to a book being read by a professional narrator. During the narration, each word is highlighted as it is being read aloud. Music and sound effects are also added, further enhancing the listening experience.

Various options are available whereby children who wish to read on their own are able to do so by using a feature known as “Look and Listen” with the ability to highlight any words that are unfamiliar, this way your child can then hear the word being pronounced in context.

Parents Account
As a parent when you register you will be prompted to choose a “D-Name” which effectively is a nickname, from your account you can access tutorials and a help section. You are also able to monitor your child’s activities and send preformatted motivational messages to your kids.

The reading content is divided into various levels, for example, level 1 is intended for beginners, level 2 for more capable readers, level 3 is a more advanced level for readers that are ready for “Chapter books”.

Fun Features:

The reward system.
Children may earn reward points a number of various ways, such as, by answering trivia questions correctly, reading books to the end, adding books to their bookshelves or recommending books to their friends. As reward points are accumulated, your child may unlock features such as the virtual poster and radio features on the site.

Upon reaching the New League Level, they may print a virtual badge and a certificate, which can then be displayed in an area called “My Place”. Each time a book is finished; the event is celebrated by an onscreen fireworks display!

My Place
An area defined as “My Place” may be accessed by clicking on a red door icon, and from there, your child may chooseDisney Digital Books Footer Logo a new background or access a bulletin board, which allows access too a message board where they can receive preformatted messages from friends and visitors.

Story builder
Story builder is an area that has easy to use tools which allow kid’s to build their own book! Upon finishing, they can make a cover for it, then save, and print if desired.

Find friends
In the find friend’s area, their is an area called “Readers like me”. It enables your child to view other readers that have tagged their favorite book titles favorites, as the same or similar. They may then send a “Friend invitation” to other readers who may then except that invitation and become added to the friends list.

A simple e-mail system, allows your child to interact via e-mail with their friends. It is also the area where friend invitations may be accepted or declined.

Your bookshelf
The “My books area” allows the ability to view the book  favorites and that have been read. Titles can also be easily suggested to friends or removed from this category.

Read a Book
The “Read a book” section displays book categories in the form of a Carousel, clicking on a category in the Carousel will then display all the books contained therein. A dictionary feature allows the use of the “Magic Pen” which can be used to click on any word to hear how it is pronounced, as well as it’s definition.

A “Trivia Feature” prompts the user to give answers for multiple-choice questions about the book title being read. Questions answered correctly will earn reward points.

“Disney Publishing”, is the largest publisher of children’s books and magazines in the world. When you stop and consider the price of high-quality books for children, it makes the monthly subscription service a bargain! I highly recommend you try the free trial, and see what you think for your self. Disney Digital Book Store.

By Peter Markovic Audiobooks Author Pete

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