Disney Digital Book Store Information

You would need to have lived under a rock to not have heard of Walt Disney and Disneyland.The Disney store now merchandises products previously only available directly from the theme park.

The web site hosts an extraordinary range off Disney related products including Digital books. Disney digital books is a subscription based service for children’s books using new technology that allows a host of fun interactivity!


• Trivia
• Enjoy 500+ new and classic Disney books.
• Click to hear words pronounced.
• See definitions using the built-in dictionary.
• Be immersed in Look and Listen stories with voices and sound effects.
• Use Story-Builder to create Disney stories
• New and Classic Disney Books
• Rewards and more!

Read our review or click the link below and check it out!Disney Digital Books Mickey Mouse

The Disney Digital Books One Year Subscription is Available for Purchase Now at DisneyStore.com

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