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Fall is here! My kids are finally back in school, which hopefully means that I am more productive during the day so I can have more free time for reading in the evenings.

There are some new audio books from bestselling authors just released that I am just dying to read…

Dexter is Delicious written and narrated by Jeff Lindsay

I really enjoy the Dexter novels. Dexter is a serial killer who kills only really bad people. He actually lives by a “moral code” established by his adoptive father, Harry.

The darkly comic novels are a treat to read, just as the Showtime series is a hoot to watch. The only issue I have with this latest installment is the narration. I listened to the sample and am left wondering why on Earth Lindsay did his own narration. The other Dexter novels were narrated by Nick Landrum and were great. This one? Based on the sample, I will be reading this either in print or digital.

Dexter An Audio Book Novel by Jeff LindsayApe House by Sara Gruen, read by Paul Boehmer

I really enjoyed Water for Elephants by Gruen. It was really a nicely written book. In Ape House, Gruen takes on the story of a scientist working with apes that know American Sign Language.

When the apes are liberated from the lab, the public is entranced by a reality program following their exploits – including ordering takeout and having sex. At first, I was doubtful about reading this, but I may just have to put it on my list.

Zero History by William Gibson, narrated by Robertson Dean

Gibson offers a look at life after the economy crashes. One rock star is out of work and ends up working for Hubertus Bigend, a marketing genius, albeit a twisted one. Shadowy deals and high risks abound in this novel. I listened to the sample, and I have to say that Dean sounds like he has a frog in his throat. Something about the quality of his voice really just annoys me.

I won’t be listening to this one, and I’m not sure I’ll be reading it in any form.

Bob Dylan in America is written and narrated by Sean Wilentz

Bob Dylan has been around forever; at least it seems that way. I’m not a fan, but he doesn’t really need me – he has millions. Wilentz takes on the role of Dylan Historian as he presents Dylan’s rise to musical fame as well as his literary works. Great for fans

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