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This is the time of year that inspires me to read Christmas stories. I’m kind of picky (you may already have realized that fact…) but there really is a lot of holiday fiction out there for audiobook lovers. Here’s a sampling. A Christmas Carol, written by Charles Dickens and narrated by Jim Dale is really the perfect the book for the season.

No matter how many times I read this story, I am still amazed by its perfection. Jim Dale’s narration is the perfect complement to the tale.

Christmas AudiobooksThere are so many adaptations and movies based on this story… but none can replace the elegance and beauty of the original.

Another of my favorite Christmas novels is The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror by Christopher Moore and narrated by Tony Roberts.

The complete ludicrousness of a Christmas story that features a not-too-bright angel and zombies is simply perversely funny. This is not for those who prefer their holiday fare zombie and death-free… but if you are looking for a Christmas novel like no other, give this a try.

I love to read Wally Lamb’s fiction. I just picked up Wishin’ and Hopin’: A Christmas Story (read by the author) from the library. The novel takes place in 1964 and tells the story of 10 year old Felix Funicello. With the classic fixtures of an elementary school playground to a bus-station lunch counter, I can’t wait to read this slice of the 60s…

The Christmas Box, by Richard Paul Evans and read by Richard Thomas, is a good read for those looking for a feel-good holiday story. Evans has written several Christmas-themed books, although I have only read this one. For me, it’s a little sappy… but I like Christmas zombies, so you might take that into consideration. Quick-to-read and touching, Evans captures those sweet holiday sentiments.

I just have to mention The Christmas Shoes by Donna VanLiere and read by Paul Michael. There is no way I am reading this. Several years ago, the song that is the basis for the book came out and assaulted me at Christmas. If you haven’t heard it, it’s about a kid buying shoes for his Mom who is dying.

Seriously depressing. I cried when I heard it. I change the channel whenever it comes on now. If you like those kinds of tearjerker stories – go for it. I’ll go read A Christmas Carol again.

Whatever you choose to read this holiday season, enjoy it!

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