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There is an abundance of Christian audio books and eBooks available; a quick search on the internet will provide hundreds of websites. Some of the offerings are related to the history of the church, there are recordings of the bible and even fictional stories to inspire anyone.

It is very difficult to judge which books should be in the top ten; the following list is based upon those which are downloaded the most; it is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction.

Which Books for the Top Ten?

Christian Audio Books

1. The Bible

The BibleNo list of Christian audio books would be complete without a reference to the bible; it contains the founding teachings of Christianity and a whole host of stories from each of the disciples.

The entire bible has now been recorded and it is possible to listen to it as an audio book, there are a variety of versions which have been recorded and it is even possible to listen to summaries of the most important or relevant passages. The majority of audio recordings of the bible online are available to download for free.

2. When Jesus Wept by Bodie and Brock Thoene

When Jesus Wept by Bodie and Brock ThoeneThis is a fictional work which explores the relationship between Jesus and Lazarus and the friendship which evolved between them. Lazarus was raised from the dead by Jesus and in itself this is an explosive story but the book continues with his view of the most important events in Jesus’ life and his death and subsequent resurrection.

The book delves into the depth of God’s love and the comfort which can be given in times of need.

3. Why Believe the Bible by John MacArthur

Why Believe the Bible by John MacArthurThis book acknowledges that modern society is constantly questioning authority and traditional beliefs; it then explores the reasons why the bible should still be trusted and relied upon in the modern age.

The book is well laid out and offers answers to questions such as “Can we prove the bible is true?” the format is simple and allows believers or non-believers to understand the arguments put forward.

4. You’re Going to Be Okay by Holly Gerth

You’re Going to Be Okay by Holly GerthHolly Gerth is a Wall Street journal bestselling author; she is a certified life coach and a licensed counsellor. Her book acknowledges that no life is perfect, there will always be difficult times and even times when the emotional and sometimes physical hurt can feel too much.

However, the book conveys that no matter what there is a way through and that God really does care, every challenge is an opportunity to thrive and become stronger.

5. What Did You Expect by Paul Tripp

What Did You Expect by Paul TrippPaul Tripp is a pastor and regularly helps people in need, his book focuses on marriage and how unprepared many couples are for the practicalities of living together and creating a life together.

The book provides guidance on how it is possible to build a life together based upon Christian values and acknowledging God daily in the relationship. The book emphasizes six practical commitments which can be adhered to and will assist in providing a stable marriage. It is a must read for any Christian couple who wish to build a life together and can also assist any non-Christian couple.

6. History of the Christian Church by Samuel Cheetham

History of the Christian Church by Samuel CheethamThe book covers the first six centuries of the Christian church and describes itself as a “sketch of the History of the Church”.

It covers the principle documents from which the history is established and provides references to the modern day scholars who have focused on particular documents or sections of the bible. The guide is a useful introduction to the history of the church and allows anyone to explore the links between the founding of the church and modern day values.

7. The Mingling of Souls by Matt Chandler

The Mingling of Souls by Matt ChandlerThe world has changed dramatically since the dawn of Christianity. Modern society places far less importance on the Christian perspective of love, marriage and even sex; this book seeks to explore the importance of God’s design and how this can still be adhered to despite the plethora of modern movies and songs which de-emphasize the importance and relevance of love; both for each other and for God.

The book draws from Solomon’s teachings and his approach to relationships, particularly how this is still relevant today.

8. Unashamed – Jessie Minassian

Unashamed – Jessie MinassianThis book discusses the secrets that girls live with and their feelings of guilt; it is based upon the author’s personal story of struggle and how she conquered her secrets and fears to feel free.

The book is written with humour and candour and refers to the power of God to both heal and forgive, he himself died so that everyone could experience freedom. Anyone who is struggling with a secret will be able to relate to this book and will find comfort in it.

9. The Land Unchartered by Keely Brooke Keith

The Land Unchartered by Keely Brooke KeithThis book is set in the future and explores the world where the world is once again at war, it centres on a small island in the South Pacific which is unknown to the rest of the world and the inhabitants live a simple, peaceful life based upon traditional Christian values.

A soldier lands on the island, having ejected from his plane and the book looks at the effect his arrival has on the island and on one lady in particular. A parody is drawn between Christian beliefs and the modern world, the ultimate quest is how to reconcile the two worlds for the benefit of mankind.

10. The Beloved Daughter by Alana Terry

The Beloved Daughter by Alana TerryThis is a true to life story of the experiences which a young woman endures in a North Korean prison camp. The suffering is because of her Christian faith; she lives daily in terror, humiliation and deprivation but refuses to relinquish her faith.

In fact, it is her faith which keeps her going, allowing her to continue and even occasionally stand up to her aggressors. It is a heart aching and intensely warming tale of what commitment to the Christian faith really means.


This list is by no means exhaustive and there are a great many excellent audio books available on the market which may or even should have made this list. The books on this list can be read and enjoyed by anyone and act as a perfect introduction to Christian audio books, which, are an excellent way for anyone to be able to experience a wide range of books relating to the Christian faith and its relevance to modern society.

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