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I remember when I first read Fahrenheit 451. I was in high school and dreading another horrible selection from my teacher. When she handed out the novel, I rolled my eyes with an “Oh, no… not science fiction” murmur. 25 years later, as I listen to the audiobook again, I am still a little ashamed of that reaction.

Fahrenheit 451

If you have not read it, I highly recommend Fahrenheit 451. The title actually refers to the temperature at which book paper catches fire and burns. In this alarming future, firemen set fires rather than put them out… and what they burn is books. This bizarre future discourages human interaction and bans books. Follow Guy Montag as he looks at his life as a fireman and begins to doubt his cause. The audio version is narrated by the author.

Not Just Science Fiction

Audio Book Ray Bradbury

Audio Book Ray Bradbury

While Fahrenheit 451 may be his most recognized novel, Bradbury has authored many significant works. In Something Wicked This Way Comes (narrated by Paul Hecht), he embraces both fantasy and horror as two thirteen-year-old boys encounter evil at a traveling carnival.

Good vs. Evil is the theme at the root of the story, and with Bradbury the conflict keeps you on the edge of your seat.


Ray Bradbury has authored many short story collections. One of these, I Sing the Body Electric, has been adapted into a Twilight Zone episode, a television movie, and was the inspiration for a rock song from the band Rush.

Dandelion Wine

A collection of short stories loosely based on Bradbury’s life as a young man in the Midwest, Dandelion Wine looks at small town life and the comfort of its simplicity. Of course, with Bradbury at the helm, these are not ordinary reflections on life. Be prepared for some surprises along the way. The audio is narrated by a full cast of which Mr. Bradbury said, “…it made me weep.”

Happy Birthday

What better way to celebrate the birthday of an American icon? Visit the library, iTunes, or audible and revisit the inimitable worlds created by Ray Bradbury’s novels.

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