Buying Books Online

If you are like me and still do your eBook hunting and buying across different websites and in different digital formats due to the availability of certain titles. Contrary to popular belief, Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble surprisingly don’t have every title in existence, you might be shocked that your eBooks don’t just come in [...]

Barnes and Noble eBook Readers

I get email coupons from Barnes and Noble all the time. Recently, after reading the small print, I wondered why the coupons cannot be applied toward eBook purchases. By now, you know me well enough to know that I had to ask them. Their response: Thank you for your email regarding applying coupons to eBooks: [...]


Kirkus Reviews closed this week, affecting booksellers and librarians as they choose books to stock the shelves. Three major publishers announced plans to delay major titles in electronic format. Will this affect audiobook readers? Kirkus: You may not recognize Kirkus Reviews, but booksellers and libraries relied on the journal to guide them. Relying on the [...]

Ebook Piracy

Remember Napster? As mp3 music downloads became a booming business, Napster provided an outlet for users to share music for free. After several lawsuits citing copyright infringement, Napster declared bankruptcy and was sold off to Roxio, where it found new life as a legal membership-based music download service. A similar issue is now facing eBooks [...]

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