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Barnes and Noble eBook Readers

Last week, I chatted about two news items: Barnes & Noble’s new eBook reader and BBC Audiobooks America’s Twitter audiobook project. I’d like to start off the week with updates on both of these interesting projects. Barnes & Noble appears poised to launch the new eBook reader this Tuesday, October 20. There have been numerous [...]

Barnes and Noble eBook Readers

Barnes and Noble has partnered with Plastic Logic to create an eBook reader for spring release. Will it rival Amazon’s Kindle even as it hits worldwide distribution? And will either platform begin to include audiobooks as a standard feature? Like its competitors, BN’s reader will be about the size of a trade paperback. It will [...]

Ebook Piracy

Remember Napster? As mp3 music downloads became a booming business, Napster provided an outlet for users to share music for free. After several lawsuits citing copyright infringement, Napster declared bankruptcy and was sold off to Roxio, where it found new life as a legal membership-based music download service. A similar issue is now facing eBooks [...]

Cool-er eBook Reader

I am cautiously circling the Cool-er eBook Reader from Interead. The price tag is kinder to the budget than the Kindle and the SD slot allows mp3 audiobooks to be played. Will the Cool-er catch on? Books and More Books I always have a book with me. Whether a written word novel or an audiobook, [...]

Reading Rainbow

T always thought that Reading Rainbow would always be around. While not technically an audiobook, the show read picture books to children and showed the illustrations. In my mind, it’s audiobooks for toddlers. Why? Reading Rainbow is being discontinued for a number of reasons. Funding is one issue. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are needed [...]

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