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Audiobook Narrator Lorelei King

As I’ve said before, a narrator can make or break an audiobook. One narrator whose work is always amazing is Lorelei King. An actress in movies and television, King has also voiced animated characters, radio shows, and of course, audio books. More Than Just a Narrator It is always interesting to read the list of [...]

Audiobook Narrator Scott Brick

One thing that can really spoil a good audiobook is an inadequate narrator. I’m sure we have all encountered a book that we are looking forward to, only to discover the narration is either poor or ill-matched to the material.  I have written about several authors in this category, however it occurred to me that the narrator is [...]

Audio Book Narrator Simon Jones

Simon Jones is the British actor most famous for his portrayal of Lord Brideshead in Brideshead Revisited and of Arthur Dent in the BBC version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A veteran of dozens of radio dramas, television shows, and big screen movies, his talents make him the perfect choice as a narrator [...]

Millions of people know Jim Dale, he has made them laugh, and hold their breath in suspense, although he has not written a word. His craft keeps them spellbound, yet they have not seen it. So who is Jim Dale? He is the voice of Harry Potter, as well as those of 134 other characters, which [...]

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