Being an avid reader can have its perks. Not only does frequent reading provide health qualities such as enhanced senses, high memory retention, better verbal abilities, and less chance of developing dementia; reading allows for your imagination to escape to other worlds outside your stressful life.

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Much has changed in today’s modern world, the very many options available to book readers when deciding on which format to buy and where to buy them from? Traditional books shops are not as plentiful as they once were with many people preferring to buy books online in any of the available formats now available, albeit in a traditional paper book from or any one of the digital electronic book formats now available.

Are you a reader that prefers the smell of the vintage paper or a reader that likes the backlighting of an electronic source?

Book Formats

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At the end of the day, regardless of the type of book formats, books are still books, it’s the various formats that now allow the books to be read or listened too in a myriad of different circumstances. There is only one complication for avid readers, and that is how they prefer to read their stories. Are you a reader that prefers the smell of the vintage paper or a reader that likes the backlighting of an electronic source?
Check out some of the advantages and disadvantages on the different literature outlets available today.

Traditional Books



Other advantages to using an E-Reader are eye comfort

A big drawback for paperback prints is the common “abridged” versions of stories.

Paperbacks are the go to for entertainment that is light on the wallet. The main appeal to paperback books is how inexpensive they are. Not only are they a good option for saving money, but they are small enough to transport easily anywhere you go. The binding is easily flexible to make this type of book fit almost anywhere. As popular of a choice paperbacks have become, these books do have many drawbacks. Remember that flexible binding? Well, that is great when you need to bend you book to fit in a small space, but that same binding is easily damaged. It can tear easily and once that book is opened it often sports those lovely lines across the spine giving a new book that vintage look. The papers used in paperback prints are also very acidic. This causes the paper to discolor quickly. If you are someone in need of larger print you will not find it in a paperback book as the letters are often small and tightly packed into each page. A big drawback for paperback prints is the common “abridged” versions of stories. This means that content has been removed from the original story leaving the reader missing out on some fun extras.


While hardcovers are great on durability, they do tend to be heavy on the cash

Hardcovers are the first in a line of publishing to become available to readers. Having hardcover readily available before the release of a paperback or eBook that can drive sales and excited readers to purchase this form of print. Unlike paperbacks, the binding on hardcovers are sturdier and not easily broken. The covers are also not easily bent. Hardcovers also feature more options by offering larger print models of the story. While hardcovers are great on durability, they do tend to be heavy on the cash. Hardcovers are the more expensive route to take. If you want to save money and are patient enough to wait, you may want to hold out for other published options. Hardcovers do last longer than a paperback, but the dust jackets can be just as disposable and easily damaged as a paperback novel. If you don’t want this to become damaged it is suggested that you remove the dust jacket before reading the novel.

Resources for Traditional Books Online

Barnes&Noble – the Internet’s Largest Bookstore
Amazon is one the largest online book sellers in the world.

Electronic Book’s

E-Readers and eBooks

Other advantages to using an E-Reader are eye comfort

eText BooksE-Readers are devices that lend themselves to the task of allowing electronic books (eBooks) to be read. Sometimes they are devices that are dedicated eBook readers or they can be any other device capable of displaying eBooks for the purpose of reading such as iPad or other tablets or even smartphones. E-Readers became popular among readers around 2007 with the launch of the Amazon Kindle. These devices allow readers to download their book of choice in a digital format onto a tablet that can be taken virtually anywhere. There are different models of E-Readers such as Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Nobles Nook, and apps that are downloadable on any device such as a smartphone.

The major appeal to eBooks is the easy access to thousands of titles and the transferability of the stories in a digital format. Along with transferring your reading material from tablet to a phone, eBooks are often as cheap as a paperback. Book prices start at a dollar and work its way up in price. Some books by newer authors can even be downloaded for free. Newer titles from the bestsellers list are offered at more affordable prices than a hardcover novel. Other advantages to using an e-Reader are eye comfort. These e-Readers allow the reader to adjust lighting and letter size. Searching for large print is no longer a problem when an e-Reader can be set to any adjustment. Plus, a reader no longer needs their little light if reading in bed at night. The light supplied on this device is bright enough to let you read but subtle enough to not disturb any sleeping partners. It is also easy to share your favorite stories with others as you can loan or transfer the eBook to a friend’s library with a click of a button.

Not everything is cakes and cookies with these devices. When it comes to e-Readers, it is important to find the right kind that not only fits your style and comfort but your affordability as well. Sure eBooks run cheap, but the devices can easily run over a hundred dollars. Especially now that the e-Readers have become much more like tablets. Now they don’t only offer to read the material, but you can watch movies, play games, and search the internet. With so many options, it may make it harder for you to relax, forget your world and easily slip into another. When you read a hardcover or paperback novel you aren’t required to research the device you need, nor are you required to charge your book. This is a major drawback for many supporters of the printed word. Along with the introduction to electronics in your life when you an e-Reader you will lose the appeal of that “book smell” or the feel of the book in your hands. e-Readers are great when you are an avid reader that goes through books quickly without ever re-reading. However, you may be a reader that likes to hold on to your novel and re-read at a later date. You may also be a reader that likes to collect your favorite books for an exquisite display on a bookshelf. Ideally, the choice of using an e-Reader is up to you.

Resources for eReaders and eBooks

Kindle eBooks are an eBook format that can be viewed from almost all devices including computers, tablets and smart phones. Bestsellers is the most popular eBook store with the biggest range of e-books from the world’s largest and best publishers. Much cheaper than traditional paper equivalents they are available to download to your reading device either a dedicated e-reader or tablet/smartphone. The site is huge and continues to grow. Highly recommended!

Audio Books

If you are a reader that is just short on time, then audio books may be the format for you. Audio books are a great opportunity to read the books you want to but don’t have the time to. With an audio book, it’s easy to listen to the new best seller on your morning commute, on a road trip, while working out, or while cleaning your house. Long gone are the days when audio books were only supplied on CD’s, now they are offered in digital format making it a snap to download your favorite stories to your smartphone, IPod, or tablets. There are more titles offered online for audio books than there has ever been before allowing for various choices in your library.

A good narration is vital for the story’s appeal.

Audiobook & MicAudio books are not as costly on the digital formatting either. Memberships are now available on audio book websites such as Audible that allow you to pay a monthly fee for a cheaper selection and monthly credits. Plus you will never lose your downloads as they are stored in the cloud where you can safely access them from any device. So if this is the type of reading you would like to fit into your schedule hit play and let the narrator take you on an adventure. There are a few downsides to using audio books. A major detail that many overlook is the narration. A good narration is vital for the story’s appeal. This could be a best seller you have downloaded with rave reviews, but with poor narration, you will be wondering why this story was so popular. The narrator can make or break the story.

Narrators are required to be engaging and distinguishable in portraying its characters. Without these characteristics, a plot line can suddenly seem flat, and a listener can easily become confused on which character is speaking. Always check the reviews on the narration of a book. If it’s poorly narrated, someone has more than likely posted the fact saving you in time and money. Also, if you don’t carry a membership to an online audio book community, you could be paying just as much as you would for a hardcover book or more. It is important to do your research on finding the right place to purchase downloads. Make sure the monthly fee is worth its weight in downloads and if not check the pricing for non-member benefits.

Resources for Audio Books Online is an audiobook streaming website with a huge catalog of audio books.